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Even though Seattle has favorable weather on most days, some days are just bad weather days.

We get our fair share of windstorms, tornadoes, and winter chills that can make living conditions pretty adverse. The worst is if you’re traveling at a time when the sky is pouring or when snow is covering every surface.


Imagine driving through an unfamiliar area at night while it’s raining cats and dogs. It’s a nightmare! And we haven’t even talked about the struggle of loading and unloading boxes during bad weather.

Not to mention, it becomes impossible if you don’t have technicians to help you carry large packages during a snow or hailstorm.

Here are some weather conditions that should make you question your decision to handle moving out on your own.


Since we’ve seen more than a few cases of destructive tornadoes, the state has warned residents to always be wary.

From cars to trees, nothing is safe during periods of strong winds. Tornadoes have the capacity to move at 70 miles per hour, so unless you can outrun it, you’re in danger.

A good tactic to stay safe is to hide inside and go to the basement of a building. It’s best to stay out of the reach of windows, doors, or other openings.

Needless to say, it’s highly unsafe to drive through this weather, or to even consider moving. Luckily, the professionals do their homework; we look ahead at inclement weather conditions before we make a suggestion.

stormy clouds


Seattle is replete with natural resources such as rivers. Seasonal rains cause these rivers to fill to the brim and overflow, leading to flooding. In fact flooding is the primary weather-related issue in Seattle.

There’s good reason for the local saying: turn around, don’t drown.

Depending on the intensity of the flood, the damage can be controlled. However, wading through the water-filled streets is a bad idea. You don’t want your car to crash in the middle of a flooded street!


Region-wide snowfall season can plant many foreseen and unforeseen dangers along the roads. People who’ve lived here for a couple of years or more can attest to the winter storms.

Not only does this heighten the risk of skidding for cars, but it also conceals many landmarks. This makes it difficult for drivers in the area to navigate around unfamiliar routes.

Not to mention that the freezing cold can lead to you getting sick while you’re traveling and unloading luggage at the new destination.

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