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Moving into a new house is the right start to a new decade!

But all your grand plans will go to waste if the strenuous process of moving out exacerbates your chronic condition! If you suffer from chronic back pain or osteoarthritis, trying to be a one-man army while moving out is probably not the best idea.


We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to take it all the packing, loading and transporting upon yourself. There are various professional agencies—including our team of technicians—who can do the job for you.

We understand that it’s doubly difficult to manage a moving project with a painful condition, so let us help you start a new life under a new roof in a healthy way.


No matter how careful you are with your posture, packing is a back-breaking chore. You have to bend and lift countless times in a day, for a number of days, if you want to pack everything into boxes.

Be it shoes, books, clothes, crockery, or other household essentials, safe packing requires meticulous effort.

It’s all the more challenging in the case of fragile goods, because you need to make sure they’re secure before you get the job done.


Once you’re done fitting all your belongings into boxes, the next step is to load them into a truck. While you may be tempted to do the job yourself, it can be seriously damaging to you if you have a chronic condition.

Lifting heavy materials can put pressure on your spine, especially your lower back. Carrying them up or downstairs also exerts force on your knees, which are probably already in bad shape because of the arthritis.

fatigued person


If you successfully helped a friend move out with your condition, you deserve a pat on the back. But getting through that without any accidents is not a guarantee that it’s safe to try it again.

The slightest fall or twist can keep you down with excruciating pain for weeks.

You know your condition better than anyone; don’t risk your health for saving a few dollars.

We can handle everything from packing to unpacking in the new home.


For someone who’s been living independently for a long time, asking for help can be hard. Even if you do get professionals to do the moving for you, you still lurk around and exhaust yourself by micromanaging the situation.

While that’s not as tiring as doing everything on your own, it can still trigger your condition to flare up. That’s why we suggest that homeowners with chronic conditions pace themselves.

The sooner you ask for our help, the better. This way, we have a bigger delivery window to work in, and neither party has to rush through it. This allows you to get some rest in between breaks and make progress sustainably.

Contact us ASAP and you’ll find the best movers in WA. We offer moving help Seattle and can definitely help you out! Don’t take our word but see why our satisfied customers have reviewed us highly.

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