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Why DIY Residential Moving is Bound to be a Disaster

We’re assuming you’ve recently watched one of those 5-minute crafts videos and think that with all the new crafts that you’ve learned, moving is going to be a breeze. We have some bad news for you: that is so not what’s going to happen.

While DIY projects are a great way to exercise your creative muscles and find something to do in your spare time, DIY moving has great potential to be a disaster.

And that’s because it isn’t a small project—and certainly not a 5-minute gig. If you’re planning, however, to move, here’s all that could go wrong:

Not Getting Movers Ahead of Time

So, you thought that you’ll get in touch with the local movers the very day of the move, and that they’ll be available. That’s not true.

Most professional and well-known moving companies are already booked, with schedules having been made days and weeks in advance. Even if they don’t have anything schedule for the day, scrambling their workers and getting them all to your place with all their equipment just isn’t easy.

If you do end up deciding on using a professional movers’ help, contact them weeks in advance. And by advance we mean 4–6 weeks in advance.

Wasting Money on the Wrong Things

If you’re wasting both money and time on finding just the best quality boxes from Amazon and whatnot, you should stop that right now. Unless you need moving boxes for valuables and fragile items, stick to reusing regular shipping boxes. You can also get them from your local grocery store. They don’t have to be too expensive and they don’t have to be too high-end. They’re just boxes.

Not De-Cluttering

If you’re everything, even the things that you don’t need, you have a problem on your hands. There will doubtlessly be things that you don’t need to move—and by that we mean things that you won’t need at all.

De-cluttering is a key part of the packing and moving process. Also, give away things that you no longer need; make note of everything that’s no longer of use to you: things that you’ve outgrown, things that you no longer like, etc. Give them away via charity and donations, as gifts for friends, or have a garage sale.

Not Packing in Time

time on a watchtime on a watch

This sounds like such a rookie mistake, but this is something most people are guilty of doing—and we know this because as a professional moving company, we’ve come across way too many of these.

Leaving packing for the eleventh hour is the most terrible mistake you can make, and to make matters worse, you’re going DIY. This means that no professionals are around to help you, and you’ll likely spend the entire moving day as if it were packing day.


You can get hurt when you’re moving on your own and can sustain mild to severe injuries. Lifting and loading weights is troublesome enough on their own, but that isn’t all. Not handling things correctly can lead to lacerations, burns, broken bones, and so much more. So, where you thought you’ll avoid paying the mover, you now have to pay the hospital.

Get Help

Let a professional help you, because this is something they do on a daily basis. If your concern is saving money, ACME Moving Labor is a cost-effective venture that you can benefit from in Seattle. Just get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you. From packing to unloading, we do it all!

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