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Moving into a new house involves making a lot of decisions. Not only do you need to plan months in advance, but you also have to make sure you pack everything you need. But have you decided when you’ll move in? For many homeowners, this can be one of the toughest decisions to make.

Moving houses is an extremely exciting experience. It’s all about new beginnings and starting fresh—and if you don’t already have a special day in mind, we can help you decide when you can make that move! Moreover, if you’re looking to let go of old energy and invite prosperity into your new home, the ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui can help.

Here is how you can determine when the best time is to move into a new house:


Conventionally speaking, Friday has come to be one of the most popular move-in days for homeowners. This is mainly because they have the weekend to get their stuff sorted and gel themselves into their new home without work distractions. Past research has found that around 41 percent of people chose to move in on Fridays!

However, keep in mind that while moving in on a Friday has its perks, there are some downsides to it as well. Oftentimes, Friday tends to be the busiest day for moving labor services in Seattle, and it can make you incur unnecessary delay. So make sure you book in advance!


Stepping into your new home on a Monday can surely take away those Monday blues.

While moving on a Monday can be hectic because you may have work commitments, the advantage is that you’ll get the entire weekend to get all your packing done and run last-minute errands.

If you choose to move in on a Monday, make sure you have everything packed and sorted out beforehand—including legalities. This will save you considerable amounts of time. Moreover, you might also want to take a day off work, so inform your boss or line manager in advance.


Want to find a middle way? Consider moving houses during the week, as opposed to the start or end of the week.

Moving in the middle of the week can have you incur an added benefit with moving labor services, as they’re most likely to have lesser reservations then, meaning you’ll have better access to resources and won’t face any delays!

Unpacking stuff in a new place

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