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Are you looking forward to relocating to your new home, but the number of things in your home gives you a headache? We’ve got you covered! Properly disposing of things you don’t need can help those in need.


It can also help you in transporting overstuffed drawers or closets that are of no use to you. Recent census data has shown that 15.3 million Americans move every year. Here’s how you can toss unnecessary items to lighten your load and make your move easier.

Plan of Attack

Start by planning what you want to throw out and how you’ll dispose of these things. Whether you’re donating, recycling, or tossing it in the trash, your furniture, clothing, kitchen items, toys, books, gadgets, and documents must be appropriately organized to be loaded systematically in cartons.

Depending on your house’s size, the number of things you own, and the last time you organized your belongings will determine how long it’ll take to tidy up your place before relocating efficiently.

Start Early

Waiting around for the moving service to get rid of things you don’t need will waste valuable time. You can start two weeks in advance and take out a few hours to work in a different room every day. This way, you can work on different portions of the house to get rid of the clutter, rather than randomly throwing everything in cartons.

Make A Necessities Box

Put all the items you’ll need on the day you move in into separate cartons. This can range from a box cutter and a hammer to masking tape and nails. You can label this box of necessary things and keep it in an accessible place to not have to look for them on moving day.

A woman carrying moving boxes with her child going through the clutter

Follow Rules

Just because you’ve kept something in your possession for a long time doesn’t mean it’ll be of use to you. One of the first rules to decluttering is not to keep things that you think you should. So, if you have a pair of shoes that you wouldn’t want to be seen in, don’t keep them simply because they were a gift from your aunt.

Another decluttering rule of thumb is not to keep an item that puts a damper on your mood. Keepsakes from unsuccessful relationships or outfits that you can’t fit into anymore should have no place in your new home where you can start afresh.

If there are any items you haven’t used in the last ninety days and don’t plan on utilizing in the coming year or so, throwing them out will lighten your load considerably. Additionally, if you own an item you wouldn’t purchase again, toss it out. You may have gotten used to keeping that perming iron with you, but there’s no reason for it to take space when you don’t need it.

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