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Tips For Packing And Unpacking With A Baby

Unpacking with toddlers.

Unpacking your belongings in your new home with a baby is a phenomenal task. You have to juggle between taking care of the baby and getting work done around your new home. This requires planning, organization, and precision. Even as professional movers and packers, we understand how difficult it must be to multitask when you move to a new home and have kids to take care of. You also need to make sure they are safe while you’re trying to settle in.


Here are some effective tips for packing and unpacking with a baby:

The less you pack, the less work when unpacking

When moving with a baby, in particular, less is best. The less your belongings, the quicker it is to pack and unpack. Try to get rid of the things you don’t really need. Give them away to friends and family, donate them to charities or shelters, or sell more valuable items.

unloading boxes to the new home.

Deep clean before the children enter the home

If you’re going to deep clean your new home before unpacking, make sure this step is done before your baby is brought home. The products used to deep clean can linger in the air and the surfaces could still have some residue. Hire a babysitter so you can safely clean your home and have someone watch over your baby too.

Baby-proof the home

Before you can begin the unpacking process, babyproof your new home. Moving is exhausting, but you need to prioritize safety. Parents get distracted while packing and that can lead to your toddler exploring things without you around. Baby proof your home to ensure your child doesn’t do anything that can cause injury. One essential tip when moving into a new place is to cover all electrical outlets.

Unpack around your baby’s schedule

Babies, particularly newborns require multiple naps a day. Try to schedule your unpacking while they are asleep. If you want to get done with more work, ask a relative to come over and take care of the baby or have a babysitter take charge. It’s impossible to get work done with a baby in your arms. It’s also dangerous to leave babies on their own and unpack when you’re not focused.

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