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Tips For Handling Fragile Items While Moving Out

If you’re an aesthetic enthusiast and also a homemaker, chances are that you’ve set your place up with love and in good taste.

This also means that you probably have several fragile decoration pieces that you’ve collected over the years and adorned your house with. When you move out of this house, you can’t bear to think of giving away your crystal collection. And why should you?

Just because transporting fragile goods is difficult doesn’t mean that it’s impossible—especially for a professional moving services Seattle! We’ve been doing this for years and trust us when we say this: we can handle them with care.

If you need more reassurance from our end, here are a few tips that we consider while packing and moving your valuables.

Prepare to Pack

Unlike solid, sturdy items, you can’t just dump photo frames, vases, crystal pieces and wall-hanging décor in a cardboard box. That’s a recipe for disaster. Needless to say, you need to pack fragile items with extra caution.

But this is a tedious job that requires time and patience; rushing through the process won’t help achieve the desired results.

You’ll need to cover them in bubble wrap and tape them firmly until they’re safely secured. Next, you need to line your boxes with packaging material before laying the valuables safely into it.

bubble wrap

Avoid Stuffing Boxes

If you’re packing on your own, you’d most likely get a fewer number of cardboard boxes than needed. This will provoke you to overpack each box until it’s stuffed to the mouth.

This is a dangerous move especially if your boxes have to be transported over long distances. More contents per box will push the total weight beyond the maximum that the box can support.

The sides can also rip under pressure and expose the items to damage. On the contrary, it’s insensible to pack very few items in a spacious box.

The more room fragile items have to move around, the more vulnerable they are to breakage. It’s best to ensure that they’re secured in place by stuffing packing material in empty spaces.

Use Suitable Box Sizes

It’s your first instinct to reach for the largest and sturdiest box. You want to minimize the hassle of taping and packing each box, separately. But this isn’t the best course of action. We think it’s better to get an assortment of box sizes so that different items can be packed efficiently.

Filling up one big box with everything not only risks damage to fragile goods but also makes unpacking more troublesome. Not to mention, it’s a greater risk to carry larger boxes over longer distances than shorter boxes in multiple trips.

Pack Crockery Wisely

While you can pack all your valuable centerpieces exclusively in a separate box, you can’t do that for crockery and china plates. It’s impractical to have a separate packing for each item from your China collection.

Thus, in order to make sure that your plates are packed safely, you need to layer the bottom of the box with sufficient packing paper or wrapping material to ensure that it absorbs impact.

Next, you need to wrap each plate separately in bubble wrap and align them vertically across the base. You can repeat the process for larger items such as soup bowls and pack them in separate boxes.

Once you have our moving team on board, there’s nothing to worry about.

If you’re based in the Seattle and the Northwest area, call us at 253-653-8635. We are the top movers in WA and provide specialized residential moving services Seattle that are licensed and insured. Your valuables will be in safe hands!

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