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Change is in the air as the year comes to a close. A lot of people are making significant changes to their lives, moving homes over the holidays and making use of the time off. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you move; the signs of change can be both welcome and simultaneously difficult to embrace.

Whether you’re moving from one house to another, or between apartments—or moving from apartment to house or vice versa—there are important things to look out for.  After all, moving is said to be more stressful than heartbreak.


To ensure a hassle-free move, you need to prepare yourself, your contractors, whether it’s a local movers in Kent WA or your local utility companies, as well as friends and family.

It’s not as simple as packing your belongings, up and leaving. It’s a physically, mentally and emotionally taxing chore and a little preparation goes a long way. This is especially true if you’re moving to a different city or another part of town or if you’ve spent a good amount of time in your current home.


Make a list of things you’re keeping and purge the rest

Get packing a few weeks in advance, tackling decoration, furniture and bigger items that you definitely won’t need. Leave the essentials to the end.

sorting stuff

Purge everything that’s not needed anymore, from old clothes and furniture to mementos and pantry items. You can always hold a garage sale, donate and throw away things that hold no use for anyone. We offer packing and moving help Kent, WA, so you can call us in for a helping hand.

Inform your utility companies and local governing bodies of the date you’re moving, if necessary

Let utility companies know when you’re moving out of this home and when you’re moving into the other, so that your billing, etc. are sorted. It’s helpful to do this because it lets you settle in much faster too.

Check for schools, banks, doctors in the area you’ve moving to

Find out about local schools, branches of your bank, hospitals and clinics in the area and get all the necessary files and transfers organized before you leave.


The floors, walls and windows for damage

Before you actually settle into your new home, check for signs of damage to the windows and walls and have them fixed before you move in. It’s much harder to do anything after all your furniture and family have moved in.

clean and vacant house

Bathrooms for functionality

Check the plumbing, running water, heating and other important necessities in your bathrooms. Hire a plumber or talk to your landlord about the issues you notice.

Get a professional inspection  for air quality, mold, pests, and water damage

This is a lifesaver. When moving into a new place, the layperson can’t pick up on hidden and internal issues like pests, mold in the bathrooms, water damage in your walls, poor air quality because of the HVAC system and dirty vents. Hiring an expert to evaluate and inspect these aspects of your new home can save you a lot in the long run.

Don’t let the stress of moving affect the process. Cherish the time you have left in your home and take things one step at a time! For any help, feel free to contact us!

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