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Things To Consider When Moving Out Of State

Are the lush green and wild forests of Wyoming calling your name? Or maybe it’s the blue beaches of California. Whether you’re moving to a new state to get closer to a best friend, family, or romantic partner, to pursue your career, or to distance yourself from the bustling city life, an interstate move is all excitement and new experiences. However, packing all your belongings and shifting them to another corner of the country can get challenging and overwhelming, especially if you haven’t moved before.

But you can overcome these challenges if you’re prepared beforehand. To make your move smooth, easy, and hassle-free, we’ve rounded up some things you must consider when moving to another state.

Do Some Research About Your New City

A person moving to another state researching the new city and neighborhood.

Before you move out, it’s imperative to learn about your new home, and what you’re going to deal with there. Ideally, visit your new city and neighborhood before moving and explore it. Rent a cycle, walk, or take your car to check out your area. Look for nearby grocery stores, eateries, pubs, and schools where you’d want your kids to study. The neighborhood or area you pick for your new home will determine how your experience goes in the new state.

Here are some tips that could help you with the research

  • If you have school-going kids, you can search for nearby local schools with good reviews on org. You can also talk to the neighbors or search online for daycare centers, sports centers, and other facilities for your kids in the area.
  • If you want to check the commute times from your home to your kids’ school, workplace, grocery store, or other places, use Google Maps during busy hours to see which routes get the most traffic and get estimated commute times for public transit or car.
  • If you can’t go to your new neighborhood before the move, use Google Street View to discover the area.
  • To check the crime rate and how safe your new neighborhood is, use NeighborhoodScout.

Once you’re done exploring your city and finding the best neighborhood, start looking for a new home or apartment to buy or rent. If you’re moving temporarily for education, work, or any other purpose, also consider staying with a friend or relative or going for temporary housing. In that case, you can store your stuff in a storage center or a temporary dig until you can find the right residence and are settled down.

Analyze How Much Life in the New State Will Cost

A person calculating the difference between the cost of living in the new home in a new state and the current home.

A crucial thing to do before moving interstate is to calculate the cost of living in the new state and to look for any differences. You can use the cost of the living calculator by Bankrate to check how much your life, home, and state will cost you in terms of clothing, transportation, electricity, food, and other utilities.

Also, don’t forget to learn about the state’s tax laws and regulations, including income tax, property tax, sales tax, and others. If you’re planning to move your existing business interstate or establish a new one, make sure you’re aware of the payroll taxes, cost of business license, and other taxes and expenses associated with businesses.

The more you know about the cost of living and taxes in your new state, the more accurately you’ll be able to plan your budget for relocation.

Do the Research for the Best Storage and Moving Options

A local mover in Seattle, placing packed boxes in the van, ready for the move.

Moving all your furniture, appliances, clothing, and other stuff to another state can cost you an arm and a leg if you’re not seeking help from the right storage and moving company. Figuring out your options ahead of time will make the moving process a whole lot convenient and cost-effective.

Here are some moving and storage options you might want to consider for interstate relocations:

  • Seek professional help from local movers to pack, load, moving, and unload all your stuff interstate. GO with a moving company that can provide you with an accurate free quote for the move, so you can see if it fits your budget.
  • You could also consider renting your own moving truck and getting help from your friends or family for packing and loading and unloading all your stuff. But it’s best to hire local movers because they don’t cost you a fortune and keep you from the hassle of calling and requesting everyone to help with the move.
  • You can consider a portable container storage option for moving and storing your product, which is a more affordable option than renting a moving truck and driving it on your own.

This is especially recommended when you are using temporary housing and still in the process of finding a permanent resident for yourself in the new state. The best option is to work with a moving company that can offer you container storage and local movers for packing, loading, and unloading of all your stuff.

Change Your Address on All Accounts

Concept illustration of the importance of updating home address on all accounts when moving interstate.

When moving to a different state, remember to update your permanent residence address with the USPS by submitting a Change-of-Address form. This will change your mailing address to your new home.

Also, make sure to change your shipping address information in all your online accounts, including all your bank accounts, retirement accounts, Netflix, cell phone, etc.

Your billing address should match all the payments for online subscriptions made from your credit card. If you use paper checks for work purposes and payments, you’ll have to get your address updated on them too.

Get Help From the Best Movers in Seattle, WA

A local mover in Seattle, placing packed boxes in the van, ready for the move.

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