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Moving to a new house after living for so long in the old one can be pretty overwhelming. You might think that the hard part of moving is over, but you need to keep in mind many things that you need to get done in your new location.

You need to be very organized and prepare a list of things that you have to do otherwise things will be so haphazard that you won’t be able to keep track of them.

Here’s a checklist for your post-move tasks so that you don’t forget any important thing.

Inspect Your New House

Take a tour of your house after moving so that you can evaluate the condition as soon as you move in. Have a look at the furniture, shelves, sofas and any tables that are already there. You can also decide where you need to place your own furniture and what else is left. so that you can make a list and buy those items.

Inspect The Delivered Boxes

Check all your boxes delivered by the moving company and tally them with your inventory list to ensure that everything has arrived. If anything is missing or damaged, you need to inform the moving company right away so that they can check their truck or cover it through insurance. A reliable moving contractor will always resolve the issues at their earliest to increase customer satisfaction.

Take Pictures Of Your New House

When you take pictures of your new house you are able to identify any damages that were already there before you moved in. You’ll have proof to show to your landlord or real estate agent. Then you’ll be able to discuss and assess if the damage was done by the moving company’s labor or was already there beforehand.

Create A Checklist To Do A List Of Things

After the inspection you can try to make a quick list of all the tasks, prioritizing them according to your liking. You need to realize that unpacking will take a few days and will not happen quickly. You’ll have to move the furniture and unpack all your clothes and other belongings and set everything in a way to make it look homely. It will be a trial-and-error process to make everything look perfect.

Switch On Your Electrical System

You should set up the electrical system and get it switched on before arriving at the location. However, if you haven’t done that, you need to switch it on immediately. You can call a professional to check your power outlets and water valves to ensure that they are smoothly running without causing any trouble or leakage.

Unpack Your Essential Things

While packing, you must have made some essentials boxes that have your important items like toiletries, some clothes, snacks and basic bedroom essentials. You’ll be tired after packing and traveling to the new house, so it’s best to start with some unwinding and taking a refreshing shower. Unpacking the kitchen utensils is a top priority to have your daily meals after moving to the new place or you can order takeout for the first few days.

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Switch On Your Home Security System

It’s essential to switch on your home security system when you move into your new house. It’ll keep you safe and you won’t have to worry about the security of your house while sleeping in a new neighborhood.

Organize Your Wardrobe

You can start organizing your wardrobe as taking out clothes from the boxes or suitcases will be a great daily hassle. This will help you focus on other things and you’ll be able to organize everything in a better way.

Clean Your New House

After unpacking everything, there is a lot of packing supplies lying around and dirt that you’ve cleaned from the organized spaces. Start cleaning as you unpack to avoid a mess and clutter—trust us; it’ll give you more peace of mind.

Childproof The New House If You Have Children

If you’ve moved into the new home with children, you need to make sure that everything is childproof. This will help you keep your baby safe if they’re walking around or crawling toward the furniture. You can start by baby-proofing your toddler’s room and secure all the electric outlets to avoid any mishap. Precautionary measures must be taken to avoid any accidents while you’re busy unpacking for dealing with the moving company.

Connect All Your Appliances

Every major appliance has some instructions to follow when you switch them on after traveling. When you travel with your refrigerator, you need to ensure that you’re waiting for at least one day before you plug it in and turn it on. Other appliances like washing machines or dishwashers can be switched on almost immediately, but you need to check the voltage of the power outlets to keep your appliances safe.

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Check Smoke Detectors

Check your smoke detectors if they’re already installed in your house and install them if they’re not. Double-check the batteries to ensure that they are functioning properly in case of an unpredicted incident. Keep a fire extinguisher as well to be able to cater to any fire erupting in your new home.

Unpack Room By Room

Unpack room by room if you have properly categorized your boxes and labeled them to organize your house in a sequence. This will leave you less exhausted and you can keep track of the changes you’re making to your new house. You can also make a list of the new fixtures you need for every room.

Change Your Address

Changing your mailing address is essential and you should inform your friends and family about the new postal address. You should also call your bank, so that your credit card bills and insurance documents reach the correct location.

Locate Nearby Hospitals

One of the most important things you need to check in your locality is the number of hospitals and clinics and their distances from your house. This will help you go to them urgently during an emergency without having to waste time to research.

Visit The Nearby Schools

You can visit nearby schools in your neighborhood to find a suitable one for your children to start immediately. You can ask for references from your friends or family or even neighbors to assess the educational experience.

Register Your Vehicles

If you’re moving to a different state, you’ll have to get your vehicle registered and get your driver’s license transferred. You can visit your local DMV office to understand the procedure before the given timeframe.

Set Up Your Home With New Furniture

You can then also get your desired new furniture and fixtures after organizing all the rooms of your house to revamp it and give it a new look. Adding a new sofa set or lamps will help you make it look cozy.

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