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The Ultimate House Moving Checklist

Your move into a new home will go smoothly if you start the planning process early. From creating a checklist to disconnecting utilities, the main goal is to get the ball rolling.

Here’s the ultimate house-moving checklist to help you get started.

  1. Create A Moving Binder:

Begin with creating a moving binder or set up a Google Doc where you can easily track everything that needs to be done. Following this step will keep you organized and save time you would otherwise spend doing the same thing several times. Organize all the documents, such as moving estimates, bills, and important papers, required for the big move.

  1. Research Moving Companies:

Now that you’ve got the blueprint in place, it’s time to start researching moving companies. You can do this by checking out customer reviews, getting a quote, and figuring out your budget.

Once finalized, you can pull the trigger and rest assured that the experts safely transport all your valuables. You can add all the receipts and important dates in your moving binder so that nothing is misplaced around the house.

  1. Get Durable Boxes:

If you’re packing your household items yourself, you’ll need a ton of high-quality, durable moving boxes and strong packing tape. You can get these from storage facilities or local stores. Having the right boxes and packing materials doesn’t just ensure a smooth and safe move, it’ll also help you unpack in your new home.

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  1. Declutter Your Space:

Once packing is out the way, it’s time to declutter your space and make a list of valuables that need to be moved. You’ll come across things that won’t be required in your new place and this is a great opportunity to get rid of these unnecessary items. Think about what you want to do with the things that are cluttering your home, decide whether you want to donate them to charity or plan a garage sale for any sellable but unwanted items.

  1. Take Care Of Outstanding Bills:

Recheck if there are any outstanding bills or payments that need to be paid before you vacate your home. It’s always a good idea to pay any debts off before you move or inform your creditors about your move so they can follow up with you as needed. This will help reduce the risk of misplacing the receipts or accruing late fee charges.

  1. Disconnect Utilities:

Once your move-out date is finalized, arrange for your utilities to be disconnected from your old house and connected to your new home. This includes phones, gas, electricity, water, and internet services.

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