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The only day more stressful than a moving day is your wedding day—and that too is a day when you’re moving from one part of your life to another. And while a wedding day may be rife with challenges such as an un-ironed tuxedo or an uninterested best man, the challenges that you face on moving day are far worse.


Illness always comes without warning, and always comes when you need it the least. There’s no telling who in your family will fall inexplicably ill around or on the moving day, causing slight trouble. If it’s one of your kids, we suggest you try to leave them with a relative or a friend who can look after them.

If it’s you who falls ill, you might have serious trouble on your hands, especially if you’d been planning to go the DIY route with travelling. This is also one of the reasons why it’s important to have a professional moving help Kent with you on the big moving day.


rain drops on windscreen

Unlike illnesses, bad weather is more predictable. We suggest that you always take into account the forecast for the moving day and check for signs of rain or worse. Also keep a lookout for heat waves and cold spells as they can be serious obstacles. Professional moving companies never make the big move without taking all factors into account, weather forecast included. If, however, the weather does go wrong on moving day, you might have to face delay.


stuck in a raffic jam

Map out the routes that you’re going to take on moving day. It’s natural to run into traffic jams in Seattle, and it’s often difficult to navigate your way out of them. Settle is actually notorious for its bad traffic jams. This is also one of the reasons why DIY moving is a bad idea, because if you’d planned on making several trips back and forth from your old house to your new one, you might have to be stuck in traffic for a long time collectively. Think, also, of all the money all that fuel is going to cost.


There are also several other circumstances that you can run into on moving day. These range from not planning the move right to protests erupting in the city to a school shooting or a terrorist attack in a nearby area. If it’s a protest or a shooting/terrorist attack, we wouldn’t suggest that you get on with the usual plan. It’s best to wait until the issue is over and only then continue with your plan.


The biggest challenges that people run into on moving day is because they don’t have the right Kent moving service help by their side or because they’re doing it DIY. If you’re in Seattle or Kent, WA, you can trust ACME Moving Labor to making moving easier, faster, and far better for you. Give us a call at 253-653-8635 or book your move with us today!

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