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The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving to A New City in 2021

Millennials are going placesliterally. Seattle, Columbus, San Diego and Austin are some of the most likely cities for millennials to move to owing to their less expensive living costs. Research suggests that young people move cities to access more educational opportunities and facilities while escaping the increasing housing costs.

All travel and mobility was restricted to curb the COVID-19 infection rate for a better part of the year. However, with increased leniency around lockdowns, and life returning to as normal as it can be, there’s been recent spike in queries around moving help in Seattle.In fact, Seattle is ranked as one of the ten most desirable cities to live in the U.S, including Nashville, Colorado, Florida etc.

Moving can seem stressful— especially across cities. At ACME Moving Labor, we have helped moved dozens of people across cities to help them start their new beginnings.

Here are some of the top do’s and don’ts of moving to a new city in 2021.


Live Alone in A New City

For many reasons, it’s simply not advisable to live alone in a new city.  For one thing, the cost of living and maintenance of your place may be too high to manage independently.

Moreover, sometimes, the single-bedroom or studio apartment glorified by the media ends up being completely overhyped. You’re also likely to feel more homesick and restless if you have only yourself for company.

Move Without Researching

Research as much as you can about the new city. Look up the culture, the people, the environment, the nightlife and try to determine whether you can see yourself thriving there. If you’re moving for a job, look up everything you can about the company and its work culture. Also, remember that cities have different standards and costs of living. For example, living in New York is more expensive than Kansas, so be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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Go Without Spending Some Time There

It’s a good idea to do some pilot testing and go to the city you’ll be moving to for a week before you move to it permanently. This way, you can ease yourself into the routine and normalcy of the new place. Learn the routes to your workplace. Learn how to navigate the public transport system (if there is one) and check out convenience stores and other places for basic necessities.

If you have vets or children, it’s a good idea to get references for good vets or doctors in the area.

Forget Your Loved Ones

Before moving, don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. Make plans to keep in touch via phone calls, video chats, texts, and physical visits. Invite them over once you’ve settled in and make sure you regularly check in with them. It will also help you battle homesickness and keep in touch with the people who were there for you throughout your formative years.

Hire Movers Without Vetting Them

Company transition onto online platforms has made life easier for everyone, including scammers or people trying to hoodwink you. Don’t hire any movers who are offering cheaper services without seriously vetting them.

Ensure they’re adequately insured and have the proper certifications in place. These people will be handling your personal belongings, so you need to make sure you’re choosing a reliable and trusted residential moving company Seattle.


Have a Moving Checklist

A moving checklist can help you in many ways! Whether you keep it in your notebook or your laptop, create a checklist to list all your belongings, and color-code them as per whether you’re taking them, storing them, or giving them away.

What’s more, you can also create an essentials item checklist of educational documents, bank details, personal identification documents, and other important items that you need to keep with you. This allows you to keep track of all your belongings in an efficient manner.

Have a Budget

There will be many costs and expenses to bear during the first few months of moving and settling in. Fortunately, many of them are simply one-off costs.

However, it’s a good idea to maintain a budget and keep yourself accountable for how much you spend, owe, and save. This will serve as a good way for you to stay on top of your expenses and needs.

Find a Roommate

Before you move in, use various online platforms or groups to find a place with a roommate. It can help you manage costs and living expenses. Plus, having a roommate also means you already have someone you know in the city who can introduce you to the town and other people.

Young people tend to live in group communal settings which really helps split costs and bills while also serving as a good socialization experience. If you’re moving to college, this would be one of the best ways for you to settle in a new city.

Look at COVID-19 Statistics

If you’re living in a COVID-19 hot spot city, consider moving out of that area to protect yourself and vulnerable members of the family. However, before proceeding, be sure to check the COVID-19 statistics of the city you’ll be moving in.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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While it’s easy to pass up on social events and gatherings from the comfort of the cities we grew up in, you might want to think twice about doing that in a new place. If you are left out from such events, you’ll always be left out and not make any friends or acquaintances. As much as we all like to tell ourselves that we can be alone, humans are social animals and need others to connect with and share stories with.

So, say yes to a coffee date; go to that colleague’s lunch; participate in work social events; and find a group of people who help you feel at home.

Try Out Local Activities

You may find experience a little bit of a cultural shock in a new city. Regardless of whether it’s in the same country, every city has its own vibe and traditions that you need to familiarize yourself with. After all, it’s the little quirks, customs, and lifestyles that make up the city’s charm. So try out local activities!

Join a yoga class or a cooking class; head out hiking; take up bike riding, or participate in flower pressing classes. These local activities will help you immerse yourself in the city’s very fabric and give you an opportunity to make friends.

With the aforementioned do’s and don’ts, you can settle into your new home in no time! Give yourself some space to acclimatize to your new home and life and watch how you start thriving. A move is the best place to start over anew so make sure you start off at the right foot.

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They say home is where your story begins; it’s the place of love, hope, and dreams. Let ACME Moving Labor, a professional and residential moving service company, give you the moving help Seattle you need to start your story at a new home. We have all the answers to your moving help and long-distance moving company concerns. Get a free quote now!

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