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Spring Moving Tips for Seattleites

Making a move from one state to another isn’t only a physically challenging task but can be emotionally draining as well. There’s the thrill and excitement of setting up a new house, along with the nostalgia wrapped around your current place. Moving isn’t easy; this is why it’s essential to pre-plan everything to eliminate any obstacles that come your way.

Spring is a busy season in Seattle as people across the city get over the winter chills and begin summer preps in full swing. If you’re planning a spring move, here are some tips to help you out:

Plan Ahead

Springtime can be a busy and hectic time for the real estate market. This is why we recommend planning ahead and booking your mover well in advance. This will ensure you get the best team on board; you’ll also be saving money by booking early at a low cost. The demand for moving companies decreases immediately after the winter months, making this the perfect time to get the best rate from a top-rated mover in the area.

During the summer season, it might be difficult to find experienced movers due to the increased demand, and you’ll be compelled to settle for anyone available at the time.

 Keep The Weather In Mind

Although spring is a wonderful time for decluttering your space and making the big move, it’s essential to keep tabs on the daily weather. Don’t just rely on assumptions, as a rainy day can delay your entire schedule. Spring mornings are using cold, so it’s best to layer up and keep a raincoat on hand.

Cover your wooden furniture and other valuables with a plastic wrapper to prevent them from getting wet due to an unexpected shower. Begin your move as early in the day as possible, so all the major work is done by sunset.

A room with packed cardboard boxes.

Transfer The Utilities Beforehand

As mentioned above, spring is a busy time for moving; this is why it’s best to transfer your utilities before. Being proactive won’t only save tons of time but will also help reduce moving stress and anxiety.

Watch Out For Traffic

If you’re driving yourself, waiting for hours in traffic can drain your energy. Plan your move strategically to avoid rush hours. Early morning moves are recommended as this is when roads are clear.

Long Distance Moving Company in Seattle

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