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They say moving on a budget is a challenge… We say challenge accepted!

In this blog we’ll show how you can save money when moving home, so that you’ll have plenty of it to burn, when you eventually get to your new pad.

Sit tight and read on…


Purge before packing

Sort the items that you need and throw the rest away. Clutter is one thing you want to avoid when moving houses because it increases your packaging and transport costs. If you can find someone who can buy your items, that would be even better.

Ask your local restaurants and supermarkets for free cardboard boxes

Restaurants and supermarkets have lots of cardboard boxes stacked around from deliveries, which are of no use to them.  They are often willing to give these boxes for free, knowing they will be recycled.  Save money on cardboard box purchases by asking your local businesses to give you some of their spare boxes.

Move on a weekday

Are you hiring professionals to help you move? Try to plan your move on a weekday. Why? Because removal companies usually charge more for weekend (and bank holiday dates) than for weekdays.

Redirect mail

Let your insurance company, utility providers and bank know that you’re moving addresses so that they can send you your bills to the correct address. The last thing you want to do is to pay bills that may pop up months later at your new home with penalties and surcharges. You’ll obviously have to pay a small charge to redirect your mail, but it’ll certainly save you more money in the long run.

Stay organized

Make a list of tasks that you need to complete in the run up to your Move Day. This will keep you organized and save you from last-minute—expensive— hassles and dramas.

Make the most of the food that you already have

You’ve spent your hard-earned money on those grocery items in your kitchen cabinets and that food in your fridge; it would be a crying shame to just throw it all away when leaving your house. Why let the food go to waste? Why not take it with you to your new home? It will help you save money on new food purchases.

Drop your little ones off to your friend or relative’s home

If you have kids, you might be planning to reach out to your nearby daycare center to look after them on the D-Day. Why waste your money when you can instead ask a friend or family member for the favor?

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Moving houses in Seattle?

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