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Should You Move to Live Near Your Grandchildren?

When you get older, you naturally want to live close to your family and children. Playing with your grandkids and sharing memories with them is an important part of your life after retirement. It gives you a sense of happiness and belonging. However, you can see many pros before moving near your children, but you should also weigh out the cons.


Here are a few things that you should consider before moving near your children.

Your Adult Child’s Settlement

When you plan and prepare to move to a new location, it takes a lot of time and effort to pack everything and transport it. You need to ensure if your child has a stable job and will stay in that locality for a long time. At this age, it’s not feasible for you to relocate with your child frequently. You also need to talk to them and find out if they would be comfortable with the idea of you moving nearby. You’ll be uprooting your entire life and move to a new location and adjust to it, which can’t be done repeatedly.

Babysitting And Childcare

If you’re open to the idea of taking care of your grandchildren to form a deeper bond with them and babysit them, then relocating near your children is a great idea. Children can bring joy to your life and make you lively in your old age. They can enhance your mood and taking care of them will make you look forward to your days post-retirement. You can teach them how to bake and read them stories to help them learn something that would add value to their life.

However, it’s easy to feel like you’re being taken advantage of as your children can drop them off at any time of the day and you might not be able to say no. Taking care of children under the age of ten is also a huge responsibility that can become burdensome at times. You might feel overworked and tired as well.

Feeling Of Belonging Or Detachment

You also need to keep in mind that moving closer to your children won’t mean that they would give you more time and meet you very often. They have a separate life as well and they might be busy with their job and work. You’ll have to create a life of your own to be independent and not completely rely on their company when you move there. Feeling sad about not spending much time together will be a problem for your mental health.

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Affordability To Move

Since moving is quite expensive, you can check the costs associated with the locality where your children live. This can include the taxes, real estate prices and cost of living for people post-retirement. This will give you a holistic financial picture and you can assess the affordability and feasibility of relocating near your children.

Healthcare Facilities

At an old age, you need to have established access to good healthcare. So, you need to ensure the quality of the hospitals that are near your children’s house. If you have any specific medical conditions, you can check if a good specialist is available for it. It is also recommended to analyze the transportation feasibility of the healthcare facility and if you can manage that on your own.

Form A Deeper Bond With Your Child

If you had been busy with your job and other important matters while your children were growing up, it could be a great opportunity to bond with them and their children. However, you need to assess if you and your children get along and if it would be a good idea at all.

If your child is willing to form a deeper bond as well then investing your time and efforts will be useful.

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Your Privacy

If there are certain things that you don’t want your child to know, they will be able to notice it when you live nearby. Any arguments or problems will not stay hidden, and they will feel obliged to involve themselves in it. You might not like the idea of concerning them for those matters.

Their Privacy

Your children have a certain lifestyle that you may or may not approve of. If you keep schooling them when you live in close proximity, they might not like it. You might have to control yourself and turn a blind eye or else the relationship with your children might suffer.

Travel Costs

If you have a close bond with your children and grandchildren already and you constantly travel to meet them then you must think about relocation. When you live quite far and you enjoy coming every weekend, the traveling costs can be high and you might get exhausted due to being constantly on-the-go.

You Can Depend On Your Children

When your partner or close relative passes away, you can rely on your children for emotional support. During the pandemic, the lockdown situation has brought many families closer together. If you fall ill or catch a disease where you would need your children to take care of you in those difficult times.

Importance Of Extended Family

It’s important to be close to your extended family members who genuinely care for your wellbeing. It can reduce stress and you can share responsibilities that can make your life easier, and help you feel happier.

Not Missing Out On Major Milestones

Moving close to your children will help you be part of their life and you won’t miss out on major milestones and their achievements. Graduations, birthdays and weddings can be enjoyed, and you can attend all their significant events easily without having to video call.

Compulsory To Attend Everything

Even if you are busy or feeling down, it might be a compulsion to attend every important event, which might become very exhausting for you. If your partner is not comfortable at an event, it might create conflict.

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Feeling Bad When You Can’t Help

When you’re always be there to help them, you might feel bad if they’re not available for something or vice versa. They might get held up at their office or get stuck in traffic, which might make you feel lonely. If you can’t tell them, you might feel guilty and upset about defeating the whole purpose of you moving close to them.

You’ll Have To Establish Some Boundaries

To develop a healthy relationship, it’s essential to have clear boundaries. Your grandchildren might get too demanding for your time, money or attention without being aware of its effect on you. This might create an environment of uneasiness and cause internal family politics to erupt.

Have A Helping Hand Nearby

Due to old age, there are some things that you can’t do on your own. Having your children and grandchildren nearby to offer some help, for example, for grocery runs or hospital check-ups can be a great convenience for you.

Which Child To Choose?

When your children live in different cities far from you, it can become difficult to choose where to move. If you decide on one place, your other children might feel like you’re choosing favorites and become disheartened.

So, it is always better to you have a family meeting and decide everything clearly to avoid any miscommunication and unhappiness later on.

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