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Should You Hire Professional Movers in a Pandemic?

As coronavirus has been spreading throughout the world it has created a sense of fear among everyone. Governments, doctors and media have been trying to emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself and sanitizing everything around you.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued strict guidelines to be followed in order to maintain social distancing and stay away from catching the virus. This is to ensure that the situation doesn’t get worse and starts reducing over time.

People have started working from home and children are studying online to prevent the contagion disease. The government has imposed clear restrictions for outdoor entertainment and the service sector.

Read ahead if you are wondering if you should hire professional movers when you’re relocating.

How Does Coronavirus Transmit?

According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus is a disease that can cause respiratory illness to people. It starts off as a mild cold and can get worse if you have any other medical problems. It can transmit between people through close contact with those who are affected. So, when the affected person coughs, sneezes or talks, they let out tiny particles that can travel through the air and be inhaled by the other person from their nose or mouth.

How Do We Maintain Social Distancing?

As the vaccine is under development, we need to ensure that everyone is practicing social distancing. This essentially means avoiding large gatherings and keeping a distance of around six feet from any other person. The governments have issued strict procedures by closing down all public places to prevent transmission.

Why Is Moving Important During The Pandemic?

Around 60% of the US population moves across the country every year. During the pandemic, people have usually moved to another location due to job losses or new career opportunities. Some people are unable to afford their current standard of living so they are trying to move to smaller apartments. They’re moving from the city to suburbs or small towns to practice social distancing and to avoid high traffic areas in the city. Many people are moving closer to their families to take care of them if they fall sick.

How To Choose A Responsible Moving Company?

You can ensure that the professional moving company that you’re planning on hiring must take precautionary measures in order to keep you safe. The owners of the moving company must provide personal protective equipment to their employees and labor to avoid any transmission of germs. They must also check the temperature in symptoms of their employees on a daily basis. They should be properly trained to be able to work carefully without being supervised by the hirer.

Professional movers service sanitizing before loading the truck in Seattle.

How To Be Careful If You Hire A Moving Company?

  • Preparing Phase: Preparing for your move is a very important step to ensure your safety. Buying the supplies that you need for packing in one trip can save you from going to the grocery store again, exposing you to the threat of catching coronavirus.
  • Contacting Professional Movers: Contacting your movers and discussing the procedure for the moving day may help you plan out everything beforehand. This way, you can find out the precautionary measures that they’re taking to keep everyone safe.
  • Getting Professional Packing Help: In case you decide to get packing help as well you can prevent any transmission of the infection by cleaning and sanitizing everything simultaneously while you pack. You can also spray a disinfectant after short intervals in your house to eliminate the virus particles in the air.
  • Packing Yourself: If you are packing on your own, you can label everything and place all the cardboard boxes outside your house for the movers to pick it up and fill their trunk. This way you can avoid their interaction with your house and ask them for a contactless delivery at your new house.

Are Storage Service Is Safe?

Most moving companies have storage facilities available so that you can get your belongings delivered at a later time. This can be a good idea as the virus has a short lifespan on inanimate objects, so you can store your items for some time to eliminate the danger of contamination.

Should You Delay Your Move?

If you have a flexible schedule and can delay your move, it’s best to do that to avoid any risk of being affected by the virus. Some cities are also experiencing lockdown situations, which can pose many problems for families with children. However, if you are unable to do that, then you must give your health the highest priority. Children, seniors, and people suffering from any kind of chronic illness can move to a relative’s house until the moving is complete.

You can also get your estimates and clear your confusion by calling your moving company without having them visit your house.

Professional movers service helping you pack in Seattle.

Important Guidelines For Moving During The Pandemic

Transparency With Your Moving Company

Even after taking many precautions if you feel that you are experiencing any of the symptoms of coronavirus like fever, cough or continue sneezing you can tell your moving company to ensure the safety of their employees. You can self-isolate yourself and sanitize your entire house to prevent other family members from being affected. The recovery phase lasts from two to four weeks so you can delay your move and your moving company will accommodate you.

Hygiene Products

To be safe, you can provide hygiene products from your end as well. Keeping masks, sanitizers and gloves right at the entrance of your house will ensure that no one is entering or exiting without following the hygiene and safety protocols.

Keep Sanitizing

When you buy anything, like packing supplies, make sure that you sanitize them before using them. In addition to that, if you are decluttering your belongings make sure that you are giving it away two an organization that can properly sanitize them before giving it to the deserving.

Professional movers service helping you tape the boxes in Seattle.

Travelling To Your New House

If you’re traveling by road to a new location, pack an essentials bag with water, masks, sanitizers and snacks so you don’t have to buy anything on the way. Many people are affected by coronavirus during traveling so it is best to stay away from the small stores on your way.

If you’re moving across the country, you will have to book flights to your location. Due to the uncertainty of the lockdown situation try to ensure that wherever you are going is safe and has no curfew restrictions which can cause you trouble.

Traveling by air also requires you to get tested for coronavirus, so you can get it done before your moving day to get the results on time. These records are important to be shown at check-posts and to official authorities when you’re traveling.

Staying safe during your move should be your highest priority and it’s not so difficult when you follow all the guidelines given by the government. You can contact us for professional moving services Seattle to get a hassle-free experience in Seattle. You can avail our loading and unloading services at affordable prices while staying safe when moving to your new location. Our skilled labor will help you pack for any long-distance routes within the set schedule following all the SOPs.

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