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Reasons to Leave Your Hometown Before You Turn 25

Moving may seem like an exciting prospect, but it takes a lot of courage to relocate to an entirely foreign space, especially if you’ve never set foot outside your hometown. Research has shown that nearly 35.5 million Americans relocate annually.

Living away from your family and friends, your go-to coffee shops, gym, and the comfortable space that you call your home isn’t easy. But it’s surely very rewarding when you think about all that you’re gaining rather than what you’re leaving behind. Here’s why you should move out of your hometown before you’re 25.

Becoming Independent

A woman writing on her notepad amid moving house

There’s a certain kind of restriction that exists when you’re staying in your comfort zone, having access to all kinds of amenities without having to do much to get them. Moving away from your hometown will give you the kind of autonomy that no other experience will help you gain.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, 90 percent of adults moved away from their house by the age of 27. Rather than depending on others for help, becoming lazier and less resourceful on your own, relocating at a young age will give you the necessary confidence and skills to handle stressful situations that are an unavoidable part of life.

Getting a Fresh Start

A woman walking through the streets of NYC

You don’t have to go through a bad relationship or a termination from your last job to feel the desire to relocate. Even if you haven’t undergone an adverse experience, or you’re not happy with how your life is going, a move to a new place will help you start afresh.

Relocating can help you reinvent your image, especially if you’re overwhelmed by your past mistakes, and you’re looking for a way to move forward with your life.

Making New Friends

Three women happily walking arm in arm

You’d be surprised by the difference a good social circle can have on your health. Studies show that meeting friends can help fight depression, which is even better if you’re worried about dealing with loneliness and unhappiness after moving, often called relocation depression.

You may not feel the need to make new friends, especially if you’ve got very close friends back home, but new friends can often change your outlook and perception of an entire city and your new place. It might become just the sort of long-lasting relationship you didn’t know you needed and positively impact your physical and mental health. 

Learning New Skills

Two women baking happily together

Were you planning on learning how to drive or trying your hand at cooking but never found the time in your hometown? Good news! Moving away will help you develop these skills and much more.

Necessity can often cause people to come out of their shell and engage in activities that they otherwise never did, so when there’s nobody to pick up the slack or assist you in different tasks, you’ll become proficient and resourceful all on your own.

Gaining a New Perspective

A woman talking to her friend while seated on a sofa

Since you’ll be living with or around people with different backgrounds, ideas and perceptions, you’ll acquire a new outlook after moving away from home. Living with people that have gone to the same college, are acquainted with the same crowd and have gone to the same places may not add value.

People with versatile thinking and upbringing can inspire you, help you coexist peacefully with different people and possibly even make you learn something new about yourself, which you couldn’t have done while staying in your comfort zone.

Variety of Options

Three men talking and laughing together

Whether you’ve traveled to foreign lands or you’ve always preferred staying in your hometown, it’s a well-known fact that traveling boosts your happiness and satisfaction. When you’re living in a new city, state or area, there’s so much more you can do with your time.

That monotony that you’re inwardly sick of is what you can eliminate given there’s usually something new to explore in a new city. The difference in weather, location, job and friends can give you a wide variety of exposure and options that you can revel in when you need a change.

Surviving with Uncertainty

A woman sitting alone and texting

Let’s face it, uncertainty is a part of life, and none of us can avoid it. But learning how to deal with insecurities can go a long way, especially when you suffer from social anxiety. Moving away from your hometown will give you the confidence to walk into a social situation, a new restaurant, the bank, or a new job all by yourself.

Eventually, you’ll be able to deal with anxiety-inducing situations like presenting your idea to a business meeting, struggling with paying your rent, being around physically fitter people than you, or dealing with difficult bosses. Since there’s nobody to rely on other than yourself, you will eventually learn how to deal with challenges.

Learning to Trust Yourself

A troubled young woman looking at her laptop screen

While moving away doesn’t mean you can’t call a friend to help you, it may mean that you won’t always have your family or old friends at your beck and call.

You may have to make a big decision on your own like purchasing a new car or a pet. Over time, this will help you trust yourself and your gut, and you’ll realize just how much you’ve grown considering every day is a struggle when you’re starting out.

Developing a Closer Family Bond

A woman hugging her daughter in a kitchen

We often don’t realize the importance of our family until they’re no longer around us. Moving away can instill their value and appreciation in your heart, especially if you haven’t reflected on their significance before leaving your hometown.

It’s no secret that living away from your family is much harder on you, but you may realize that you couldn’t have done it without their support. So, if you end up calling them more frequently than you’ve ever done before, don’t be surprised!

Greater Career Opportunities

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Moving away has an added benefit of broadening your network. Even if you’re not the type to socialize, you’re likely to meet people, in both a professional and personal setting, that can connect you to different groups and networks.

Sometimes, staying in one place can restrict your access to a great job. In either case, moving away may help in career networking and give you better access to job opportunities given you’re no longer restricted by geography.

Managing Money

A man calculating finances while seated at a table

Since you don’t have your family to help you with your finances, you’ll properly learn how to manage your income. Whether you’re working on a temporary job, or a permanent one, you’ll have to evaluate how much of your finances go toward your rent, utilities, your meals, commuting, and other tasks including recreational activities.

You may learn through trial and error, or end up in debt if you’re not careful. But after some time, you’ll become a pro at managing your money.

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