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Pros And Cons Of Moving Toward The End Of Fall

Moving is a stressful process. You might be moving to your first home, another rental, or even moving cross country to a new beginning.

There are so many things you need to take care of when moving home, even if you’re really organized. Many families and individuals moving houses have found that the season they move in plays a vital role in how pleasant the transition is.

Fall is considered one of the best times to move by experts. It certainly has its advantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of moving during fall that can help you make your decision:

Cons of moving during fall

Movers have more openings

Spring and summer are considered the peak seasons for movers. The majority of people tend to move to new homes during this time since the weather is warmer and the days are longer. However, moving in spring and summer means you have to book a moving service well in advance. Moving services also tend to be more expensive during that time of year due to the increased demand. By fall, the demand for moving services dies down. Movers have more openings to offer and their prices are more affordable too. If you need to reschedule, for any reason, they will most likely be able to accommodate you too.

Since moving companies need to keep their employees productive all year round, you might be able to qualify for some discounts when moving for fall. Moving is expensive, considering how much you have spent on your home, and so you can benefit from all the discounts possible!

Packed boxes ready for a move.

The weather is cooler

Moving on a hot summer’s day sounds ideal, but in reality, it’s quite a nightmare. Packing your belongings and moving heavy boxes during warmer weather can be quite frustrating. The weather in Seattle during fall is relatively better. The days are pleasant, making the move a breeze. Make sure you check the rain forecast and work around it.

You’re settled into your new home before the holidays

Moving in fall gives you plenty of time to settle into your new home for the holidays. Moving in fall is a good idea since many movers tend to give their team some time off for the holiday season. Moving during fall means that you will be able to celebrate Christmas in your new home!

Cons of moving during fall

It’s the middle of the school year

If you have children attending school, moving during fall can be quite a hurdle for them. It disrupts their life at a very crucial time of the school year. If you’re moving further away or to a new state, they will probably need to change schools too. If you don’t have kids or your kids are homeschooled, moving in fall is the best option!

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