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he toughest part about a move is transporting heavy-duty and bulky items such as pianos, refrigerators, and washing machines to your new house. The thought of damaging these expensive household items during the move is enough to send anyone in a state of paranoia.

One way to transport these items effectively, without bringing any harm to them is through PODS. PODS are stainless steel transporting containers that come in different sizes. They function as storage boxes to provide ease of transport without damaging the contents inside. In addition to that, they’re weatherproof and include securing mechanisms to hold your valuables in place so that no scratches and breakages are caused by sudden movements during transit.

If you’re looking for reliable PODS packaging and PODS transportation services in Kent, get in touch with one of the leading residential moving companies in Washington! ACME Moving Labor offers professional moving services that are tailored according to the unique moving needs of each client. Our wide variety of services includes packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking your items. These services can be tweaked to match the requirements of our clients so that you can have the ultimate solution for all your moving problems at an affordable rate.

Our moving help in Kent prides itself on make your moving day stress-free. To keep in line with our motto, we offer PODS packaging services, so that our clients don’t have to deal with the hassle of packaging and securing their valuable belonging and household items in PODS. We make efficient use of space in PODS and add an additional layer of protection with our high-quality packaging material. Other than that, our regional movers in Kent provide PODS transportation services. We take the liberty of securing your items in PODS and delivering them in a timely fashion to your desired location. We also help you unpack the PODS after delivering them so that you can settle in your new home as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Get in touch with us by calling at 253-653-8635 and get an instant quote for your moving needs. In addition to PODS packaging and PODS transportation services in Kent, we also offer emergency moving services to our clients.

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