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When it comes to asking for help, many people are held back by their self-confidence or ego. Why ask for professionals to do something that we, very well, can do ourselves? That’s exactly where you go wrong.

Professional moving companies are in business primarily because it’s different doing this job at a commercial level. You become an expert on a lot of things—routes, packing techniques, transportation, cost reduction—that a first-time individual mover can’t.

Before going ahead with a DIY moving mission, consider these points that’ll tell you why you need a professional moving services Seattle.


Despite all your Google search queries, you might not be able to familiarize yourself with all there is to know about the new place. You don’t want to comprehend the routes on Google maps while driving a truck-full of home supplies and personal belongings all around town.

Getting lost in a new place is not hard to imagine but it’s definitely a scary thought. Let professionals do this for you while you care about moving into the new neighborhood.

loading stuff into a moving container


If you’ve packed for a long vacation or moved out of your dorm, you’d know how hard it is to fit everything into cardboard boxes, let alone worry about moving them.

A DIY approach is impressive if you have the right equipment to finish the task. But the fact is, you don’t.

Even if you rent a truck, it still won’t have the right equipment to transfer your boxes from one place to another.

For instance, dragging luggage down a flight of stairs and then lifting it up into the truck isn’t easy without a ramp. You also need ride cushions to make sure the fragile goods are transported without so much as a scratch.


If you’re not too quick with mental math or great with calculations, you’d find this business very tiring. It’s impossibly hard to calculate estimates for each chore while moving houses when you don’t know what the market rate is.

Moreover, there’s always the risk of being far from an accurate guess and then building a budget on the wrong price. This can double your work and the stress and leave you with nothing but a headache.

Letting a professional handle this job for you not just helps you with packing boxes but also do the math for all costs incurred. You’ll only realize how much of a relief this is once you get your hands dirty with packing.


Let’s say you decide to pack and move yourself. Even if you’re able to box all your belongings successfully on your own, you would still have to rent a truck to transport them. If it’s your first time moving houses, you wouldn’t have an accurate estimate of how much storage space your boxes will need.

You might end up renting a smaller vehicle which has to make two shifts to deliver all your possessions safely. This will increase your costs as well and you definitely don’t want to break your bank further.

We’re residential moving services Seattle and help with long distance moving. Please approach us if you need this job done neatly and efficiently.

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