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Packing Heat: Moving House in the Winter

Are you considering moving during winters? January is one of the coldest months in Seattle, it brings in snow and ice, covering every inch. Relocating is difficult in any kind of weather but specifically harder during winters.

Moving during winters can be a beneficial thing in some ways; however, it can create a few problems as well.

Here are a few tips to be mindful of during your move in the winter.

Hire Professional Movers

As the winter season is not very busy for the movers, you can schedule an appointment early on with them. Peak season is summers, when people want to relocate during the summer holidays to avoid missing schools and to settle easily.

As the weather can be bad, professional movers are experienced to handle any situations that can occur. They will have the right equipment and vehicles that can endure the snowy roads. They are also skilled in carrying your belongings safely in difficult snowy conditions.

Check The Weather Forecast

It is a good idea to check the weather forecast beforehand, so you are mentally prepared. The roads might not be safe due to heavy snow or rain, so you need to plan accordingly. You might face some disruptions while on the way, so you can contact your moving company and discuss everything with them for a smooth moving experience.

Start Packing In Advance

Packing in advance gives you ample time for other important things like choosing the right moving company and preparing your new house. Decluttering your wardrobe and other belongings is essential to save time and money. If you pack unnecessary items, it will take up more space and will be costly. You can either donate, sell or give your unwanted items away for efficient packing.

Gather all the packing supplies like tapes, cardboard boxes, Styrofoam and bubble wrap to speed up the packing process and motivate yourself to start early.

Professional movers service helping pack a client’s belongings in Seattle.


Get Your Sidewalks Cleared

Snow tends to buildup on the sidewalks and curb, which can cause hindrance during the loading and unloading process. You can clear the sidewalks by yourself or you can get them cleared to avoid any mismanagement. This will ensure that your heavy furniture is carried safely and prevent damage caused by any mistakes. Use a shovel to remove the snow and then apply an ample amount of salt on the pathways so that the labor does not get hurt while carrying your belongings.

Prepare Your New House

Make sure that your new house is fully prepared for the move in terms of power supply and heating. If your new house is located in the same city, you can schedule a visit on moving day and turn the heating on low to regulate the temperature before the movers arrive. If you’re a new house is across the country, you can ask the previous owners to do that before leaving.

Protect Your Flooring

All the loading and unloading can damage your flooring as the labor we frequently move in your house to pick up items and fill the truck. It’s recommended that you cover your floor with sheets or blankets to protect the flooring and prevent any scratches or damages. The snow and ice can make the floors slippery, which can hurt someone.

Weatherproof Your Belongings

Weatherproofing your belongings is essential during winters as snow and rain can damage them during transit. You can invest in weatherproof packing to prevent precipitation and condensation from ruining your furniture. Plastic bags, zip lock bags, plastic wrap and bubble wraps are a great way of protecting your kitchen and household items so that they can reach safely.

Your electronic appliances will have to be packed more carefully and can stop working if they get even slightly wet. If you don’t have the right equipment for packing, you can always take a professional’s help.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Get your car examined by a mechanic and get it fully tuned so that can cover the distance during the harsh weather. Get the brakes repaired and replace old tires with ones for the winter which are precisely designed to travel on icy roads as they provide more friction.

Examine the heating system of your car before hitting the road so that you don’t face any problems during traveling to your house.

Plan Your Route

Planning the route beforehand will help you tackle any road blockages in case of ice or snow buildup. Plan alternative routes as well to be able to switch to it in case of any problems. This would also help you stay on the main roads and avoid any remote streets, which can be dangerous.

Keep Warm Clothing Handy

As the temperatures can vary during the day in the night, keep warm clothing and blankets in your car so that you can layer up if you’re feeling too cold. It will also help your children to avoid catching a cold during traveling if they’re properly dressed and stay warm.

Get Packing Help

As winters can make you lazy, it can be very difficult to pack efficiently while weatherproofing all your belongings. So, you can get professional packing help from your moving company that can pack your whole house carefully for the move. They have significant experience and are trained to work within strict deadlines, which allows them to finish the job at a faster pace.

Professional movers service taping boxes in Seattle.


Ask For A Weatherproof Storage Container

A weatherproof storage container will keep your commodities safe from the outside environment and freezing temperatures. If the storage container is not weatherproof, it can damage your expensive furniture, clothes and other belongings as they can get wet due to snow and rain.

Label Everything Carefully

Labeling all your boxes carefully will help you categorize all your items room wise and avoid any confusions in your new house. While unloading, the moving company can arrange all the items in the specified rooms. Getting waterproof labels will be essential during winters to avoid the ink from bleeding on the boxes.

Pack An Essentials Box

Pack a first aid kit that has enough supplies to take care of any medical emergencies as a drug store may not be available when you’re traveling. Keep some hot beverages with you while you’re traveling to stay warm.

Professional movers service creating a list for inventory in Seattle.


Be Prepared For Delays

Traveling might be slower than usual during winters and you might experience heavy snowfall or road blockages due to heavy traffic, which might cause delays. In addition to that, your car might break down which can cause a delay, so take precautionary measures beforehand. As it gets dark earlier, plan your moving trip during the day to reach safely.

Prepare Your Children For The Move

Keeping your children add relatives’ or friend’s house will allow you to get things done efficiently. Children tend to get bored and you need to take care of them at each and every step of the way. You can call them back when everything is settled, and you’ve organized the whole house.

To avail professional moving services Seattle, you can contact us and experience a hassle-free move in Seattle. We offer loading and unloading services as well at affordable prices while saving your time and effort while moving to your new location. Our skilled labor will help you pack for any long-distance routes in any weather within the set schedule.

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