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Packing Checklist Tips for a Smooth Move

packing checklist tips

Moving from one place to another demands a list of needs or requirements. The whole process is sometimes unpleasant and never exactly fun for most cases, but this general list of packing checklist tips will help you pack a smooth move and prepare for a quick and easier move.

  • Try to put your small items inside large items to save space in boxes. This practice will increase the weight of the boxes but will surely reduce the number of boxes which is your desired goal for a fast move.
  • Put heavy items at the bottom of the box, whereas light items may be placed on top of them.
  • Don’t leave hollow spaces in the box around the placed objects. Rather fill in the gaps with small items like socks, stuffed toys, packing paper etc.
  • To avoid mixing things, keep a packing checklist of the items placed in a particular box.
  • Proper labeling of every box is also very necessary.
  • After boxes are filled with stuff, they should be taped to securely close their bottom and top seams.
  • If you have valuables like artwork painting made of oil paint, then you should never wrap such things in regular paper. Instead, wrap the pictures in bubble wrap and place them in an appropriate box, then place a piece of cardboard between each painting for extra protection.
  • Pack folded clothes in cardboard boxes. Further, protect your shoes from damaging each other with their sharp heels or buckles by properly wrapping them.
  • Pack your television, fridge, other electronics, etc., in their original packing box, as it is designed to protect fully against breakage.
  • If original boxes are not available, then carefully pack them in the same manner as their supplier/manufacturer used to pack them.

Thanks to these packing checklist tips, you can conveniently prepare for a smooth move.

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