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Moving On Short Notice: 3 Hacks To Help

The process of organizing, sorting, and packing your entire house is daunting to say the least and requires time and patience. However, life doesn’t always go the way we plan and people often have to move on short notice.

If you’re packing up and moving your life to another home in just a few weeks, here are three moving hacks to make your life easier.

  1. Begin With The Logistics

You might feel slightly paralyzed and confused at the thought of the challenging task ahead of you. Don’t let the to-do list overwhelm you, take a deep breath and start working on the most important things first.

Hire a moving company if you need professional help or rent a truck if you’ll do the packing yourself. Since you’re short on time, working with movers is your best bet. These professionals will help with the packing and loading your valuable household goods, leaving you time to focus on other things.

Once the biggest—and toughest!—chunk of the moving process is out of the way, you can spend that extra time focusing on other important aspects of the move.

You can check out customer reviews online, get a quote, figure out your budget, and finalize a date with the movers. The sooner you sort out the logistics of your move, the more hassle-free the move will be.

  1. Sort Out Your Household Items

Begin with de-cluttering your space. The fewer things you have to pack, the easier it’ll be. Go through every closet, cabinet, and drawer in your house and make two piles: one of things you need and the other of things you can do without. The pile of things you no longer require can be further separated into three sections: recycle, donate, and discard.

Getting rid of your stuff might be challenging, but thinking practically is the key to a successful last-minute move. Resist the urge to pack up everything and thinking you’ll sort it out once you’re unpacking in your new place. You’ll save valuable time and energy by sorting your belongings out pre-move.

Items in sellable or salvageable condition can be donated to a charity or you can organize a garage sale. Schedule it as soon as possible so that you can get those items off your hands.

A family labeling boxes to ensure the move is easier.

  1. Make an Essentials Bag

Before the packing process begins, make a bag with all the essential documents or valuables that you cannot afford to lose. These may include documents, medications, laptops, chargers, toiletries, a few clothing items, and maybe even some snacks. A last-minute move can get messy and there’s likely to be more chaos than you expected. Keeping this bag packed will ensure that you have everything you need right in front of you instead of having to rummage through boxes and bags.

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