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Moving On A Budget — How To Reduce Moving Costs

If you thought packing and boxing your belongings to move was the hardest part of the deal, you’re mistaken. You’ve yet to deal with the mind-boggling enigmas of calculating costs of every little expense.


And don’t buy into the idea that DIY methods of moving out are easy on your pocket. If anything, choosing a reliable and competent moving company for this job can cut your costs by a huge margin.

You’ll waste more money on overpaying for renting a truck or buying boxes than by hiring professional movers.

If you’re really tight on budget and don’t want to waste a penny, invest in a residential moving service and you won’t regret. Here are some simple ways to cut costs:

Don’t pick a peak season

Your seasonal price hikes can make your moving budget go from moderate to very high! Unless you’re pressed for time, it’s better to be flexible with dates when you can move. This will allow you to pick an off-season for moving when the prices aren’t soaring high.

Some peak seasons to take note are summers when children are off from school and families hurry to move into new houses, and college season at the start of Fall semester. As a rule of thumb, avoid holidays and weekends and you’ll be good.

A good way to stay on top of your game is to allow yourself enough time to pick belongings to pack at ease and not rush.

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Do your homework

Don’t leave everything to fate or to be completed last minute. This is the best strategy to go with. Always do your homework well before time so that you don’t run the risk of errors and don’t rush things last minute.

Being prepared helps you stay focused with a clear view of your end goals. For instance, once you know all the belongings you need to purge and the ones you need to pack, you can estimate the storage space you’ll need.

However, if you’re frenzied you might end up buying tons of boxes for a high price while the moving company offers a better package later.

Call Pros

The internet is filled with tips and tricks to do everything yourself. While this allows you to feel self-sufficient and independent, it can compromise on quality and efficiency. After all, if moving companies are in business, it is for some good reason.

Calling professional moving services Seattle for the task of moving will not only give you peace of mind but also make sure everything is done on schedule and in the best manner possible.

You don’t have to worry about breaking your china plates during the way or wrapping them in bubble wrap once more. That’s all taken care of.


You’ll be more stressed because of your habit of hoarding than the task of boarding all your boxes in a truck. It’s unimaginably difficult to fit all your pleasure purchases into boxes and you’ll realize this when and if you take up the task of packing yourself.

Even if you hire pros for the job, they’ll charge you higher for the extra weight that you’re piling up on top of the luggage. It’s better to save those dollars than waste them on moving things you don’t even use or care about.

If you’re in need of reliable residential moving services Seattle, come to us. We can help out at affordable rates and transport your luggage safely to your new home.

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