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Moving Offices? Here Are 4 Challenges force You Need to be Prepared For

If you thought moving houses was the most difficult move you’ll ever have to do, brace yourself for moving offices. It’s like the hassle of moving houses times five. And since this is Seattle we’re talking about, the offices are a league of their own entirely. Since the spaces are bigger and you have a greater number of things to pack, the challenges too are on a whole different level.

So, bear with us, since there’s a lot to unpack here.

What to Do about the Productivity?

Packing everything, whether in an office as big as Apple’s or as small as a one-room setup for a start-up is hard. No matter how many people are involved with the productivity, there’s one thing that you can’t quite escape: loss in productivity.

You’re bound to lose work since (a) the employees will likely be involved in packing their own stuff, and (b) because once the computers are packed, you can’t work at all. One good way of dealing with this problem is doing it on the weekends. If there’s a long weekend—such as one before or after a public holiday, that’s even better.

However, if no public holiday is around the corner and you need to make an urgent move, get a professional moving company to help you move swiftly on the weekend.

Creating a Blue Print

Packing and moving is only half the process. The other half is unloading and unpacking. And this part tends to get really tricky, especially if you’re moving offices, if you don’t have a blueprint already in place. Having a plan really is the key to doing it right. You need to know, beforehand, everything from your telephone connections to which room you’re going to turn into a conference room. Planning things out helps you move the relevant stuff in the right room with the help of movers while they’re at it.


office meeting

One of the biggest things that distinguish moving houses from moving offices is the fact that a great number of people are involved. Let’s say you have several employees and all of them have separate workstations. Even if you’re getting professional help for moving computers, the personal stuff your employees will have to take care of on their own.

For the move to go smoothly, you’ll need to coordinate with your workers and let them in on your proposed schedule beforehand. Hand them all boxes yourself without waiting for them to get their own. Instruct them on when the boxes need to be packed and remind them to label their stuff.

Coordination ensures that everything is in place when the movers arrive on the big day. Miscommunication, on the other hand, will only create greater hurdles, which will set you behind schedule. As a business, you can’t really afford losing time.

Getting Help

If there’s one thing that your very professional office setting can benefit from when you’re moving offices, it’s getting professional help. Not only will professional movers ensure that your valuable office equipment is all transported securely, they’ll also do it in good time.

If you’re moving offices in Seattle, ACME Moving Labor is the professional moving company you need on your side. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you move offices like a pro!

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