Acme Moving Labor


When it’s time for you to move, you can often become overwhelmed with sorting, organizing, and packing up your house. At Acme, we can provide moving labor that helps remove the stress of relocating your home. We hire only the most careful movers, and we will handle your fragile or precious things with the utmost delicacy. We make sure everything is properly packed and sorted, so that nothing large is placed on top of anything breakable.

If you have furniture that is very heavy, we’ll make sure that it’s disassembled and packed into the truck in the right spot, where nothing will ding or scratch it. We always use moving blankets to wrap and pad hard surfaces, so that all of your belongings arrive safely to where you want them to go. We want your moving day to be a very pleasant experience, not a day where you’re worried about whether or not your possessions are going to be safe.

Once you arrive at your new residence, Acme can help unload and unpack your belongings. We want you to be able to settle into your new home as soon as possible. We can handle all of the lifting, sorting, and placing once the boxes and furniture are in your new house. We stick to your schedule and your rules and will gladly give any advice when it is requested. If you’d like a quote for moving labor in or around Kent, contact us today. Once we have your moving details, we can craft a plan that’s perfect for you.

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