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Preparing for a move can be a stressful thing. Between choosing your new home, selling your current one, and getting the movers and boxes in order is a lot of work. However it’s a process that can be made easier with enough time for planning. Here’s a timeline of events you  should plan for when getting ready to move.

  • Downsize – Go through all of your belongings, dividing the work by room. Get rid of anything you haven’t used, seen or worn in over six months. Chances are you don’t need or want those items anymore. Donate anything that can be, and toss anything that can’t. We recommend starting this process as soon as you starting thinking about moving.
  • Garage Sale – For items that you found within your belongings that you don’t want to donate or throw away, host a garage sale to sell them, and get some money for your move as well. We recommend holding your garage sale three to four months ahead of your move.
  • Shopping – When looking for moving help, make sure you shop around to find the most efficient and affordable movers. The best price isn’t always the best quality, so make sure that the moving company you choose has the perfect balance of both. We recommend beginning this process at least six months in advance so that you can get your reservation secured.

Getting ready for a move is a lot of work. However, it can be made much easier when you turn to your Top Rated Local® moving company for help with your move. If you’re getting ready to move, make sure you abide by a timeline so as to make your move go as smooth as possible. Stay tuned to our next blog for even more information on making your moving timeline.

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