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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall! 6 Tips For Packing Pictures And Mirrors

Are you moving to a new home, and you’re worried about transporting that beautiful Royal Baroque mirror? We understand your concerns. Research has shown that approximately 31 million people relocated within the U.S. in 2019.


You want to be careful with moving fragile items like mirrors and picture frames, especially considering all your belongings are being packed into the moving van. Here are some essential packing tips for your mirrors and picture frames for a smooth transition.

What Do You Need?

When you’re packing those memorable shots of your daughter’s graduation, you want to make sure you have all the materials to pack fragile items like a pro. Sturdy packing paper, bubble wrap, mirror boxes, packaging tape, and a permanent marker are all you’ll need.

Set up your packing area with a moving blanket that protects the tabletop you’re going to be working on and gather all your required supplies.

Covering The Mirror

Bubble-wrap the mirror before you cover it up. Place the mirror or frame in the center of the stack of packing paper and wrap it the way you’d wrap a gift.

The priority should be to wrap it tightly. Here’s where the tape will come in handy since you’ll need plenty of it to secure the frame properly.

Labeling The Mirror/Frame

Once you’ve wrapped the frame or mirror, make sure you label it. Why? Once you’re unwrapping your belongings in your new home, everything will look the same when packed with the same paper. If you don’t know what’s packed in it, you may break it by not handling it carefully.

You want to mark it so you can indicate which picture it is and which room it belongs to in your new home.

Prepping The Mirror Box

This type of box typically includes two portions that fit around the mirror and can be adjusted to any size you need. If you’re packing a larger frame or mirror, you may need more than two pieces of the box.

Take one section of the box and stuff some packing paper or bubble wrap into the corner and on both sides of the carton. This way, you’ll give your frames or mirrors some cushion.

A couple unpacking boxes in their new home

Packing The Mirror

Next, slip the mirror into one side of the box and press it firmly into the paper. You should also add some extra paper around the mirror if needed. Then slide the other portion of the mirror box into the first and over the mirror. Push the two pieces of the box firmly together so that the frame doesn’t move around.

Taping The Box

Be generous in taping around the box and do this several times from different places. Be sure not to take this step lightly because taping it from various places will ensure your package doesn’t break open during transit.

Labeling The Box

Once you’ve packed your mirror or picture frame, label the box with its contents and which room it’ll be moving into. You’re now on your way to successfully transferring your fragile items to your new home!

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