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There are several reasons why people move to Lake Chelan, WA. Career prospects, academic opportunities, or a need to be closer to their family are all common factors that determine an individual’s decision to start a new chapter in a new city. However, while exciting things await you in Lake Chelan, there is something that can dampen your plans and kill your enthusiasm before you relocate: the stress involved in moving to a different city.

There’s no denying the tons of work that you need to sort through before you can relocate. From filling out form after form and obtaining relevant permits, to packing all your belongings and having them transported to your new home, there are several things to attend to. While you take care of the former and do your last-minute errands, let us handle the packing and transporting needs.


Our team at Acme Moving Labor helps make the entire relocating process much easier for homeowners, making sure that they don’t stress over it. We’re committed to helping you settle in your new home and start your life in a new neighborhood on a good note, and will make moving a hassle-free process for you.

We have a bunch of highly trained and qualified moving experts on our team who have both the knowledge as well as the experience to handle pretty much any kind of move. Our authorized and licensed moving services can be customized as per your specific needs, making them even more customer-friendly. We also offer extremely affordable rates, ensuring that clients don’t have to worry about their finances while they move.

From helping you pack all your belongings in the most effective and appropriate way, to loading the piles of cartons and furniture onto our top-notch vehicles, we do it all. Don’t worry; your belongings won’t be harmed in any way during the process. We’ll safely transport all your stuff to your new home, and even help you unpack and arrange them.

With more than 15 years of experience under our belt, Acme Moving Labor is the most reliable and experienced residential moving services in Lake Chelan. We provide consistent and high-quality moving services in the area and are your go-to movers. Contact our team at Acme Moving Labor today by calling at 253-653-8635 and get a free quote.

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