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How to Protect Floors and Carpets during a Move

When you’re moving out of your house to a new location, it’s quite a daunting task since you need to take all your belongings with you. During the move, while you’re moving the furniture across the floor, you may damage the flooring surface or the walls. Any kind of scratches or dents can make the house look unappealing.


If it occurs in the old house, the sale price of your house would decrease, and you’ll have to cover the costs of repairing. However, if this negligence occurs in your new house, you’ll have to get it repaired, costing you a large amount.

Moving to a new house is quite expensive as well and these damages due to carelessness and incorrect ways of moving your furniture can add to the expense. There are many ways you can carefully carry your furniture to prevent any damage to your floors or carpets.

Carry The Lighter Items

It’s always advised never to drag your heavy furniture across the floor as that can damage the surface and cause scratches or dents. Wood flooring is quite prone to these scratches and dragging your furniture can ruin the finished layer on top. On tiled floors, the tiles can get damaged or broken due to dropping something heavy or moving it in a certain way. It would also be difficult to drag items on your carpet as the rough surface won’t allow your furniture to glide on it.

You can carry the lighter boxes by yourself so that the corners don’t damage the floors. Other pieces of furniture like chairs and small tables can be carried without having direct contact with the floor or the walls. This will only leave the large pieces of furniture, which can be carefully transported by professional moving companies to the moving truck.

Pack Safely To Avoid Damage

The packing plays a very important role in avoiding any costly damages to your floors or carpets. So, you can wrap the edges and the legs of the table and chairs with moving blankets that give it protection and will avoid scratches or dents on your flooring. These cushion the impact and have pads that avoid any dents or marks, even if you hit the object to the walls or floor by mistake.

You can also use cardboard boxes to cover the corners of your furniture. You can also slide furniture pads underneath your furniture and drag them to easily move them across your house. This would save your time and require less effort in moving the furniture.

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Measure Your Furniture And Disassemble It

When you measure your furniture, you’ll get an idea about if it will pass through your doorway or halls easily without bumping into the walls. If the measurements are different you can disassemble your furniture and carry the pieces separately to avoid any damages to your house. This way you won’t have to drag the bulky furniture, save your flooring and avoid backaches by carrying lighter items.

Used Furniture Sliders

For bulky and weighted furniture, you can use furniture sliders that are flat pieces of strong plastic with hard rubber to minimize friction between the furniture and the flooring. You can place small pieces of furniture sliders under each leg of the couch or table to move it easily without causing damage. It reduces friction and allows your furniture to glide with ease.

Use A Dolly That Has Rubber Wheels

A dolly is a two-wheeler, L-shaped moving handcart that can help you carry heavy items flat against the floor. Rubber wheels will protect your flooring and you can move any kind of equipment quite easily. It’s a tall carrier, so you can stack up the items and take them to the moving truck in one trip, saving you time as well.

Place Doormats To Keep Your House Clean

When you hire professional moving companies to help you load or unload, the labor will make many trips to and from the moving truck to your house and rooms. It is essential for them to wear heavy-duty boots while carrying bulky furniture to maintain their balance. These can bring in dirt and debris with them, which can ruin your carpeted flooring. So, placing doormats will allow them to wipe off their shoes at the entrance and reduce the dirt and dust in your house.

Use Your Old Blankets Or Rugs

It’s always recommended to protect your flooring by covering it during a move. This will help you keep all the dirt and debris away and protect the surface from any dents or scratches while moving the furniture. You can place your old blankets or rugs to cover the floor and attach them to it with proper fixators to avoid any chance of slipping and falling while walking over them.

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Use Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are readily available and protect your flooring. You can cut them up and place them like a large sheet and the thickness of the material will help you shield heavy traffic areas. You can use the cardboard boxes that are not suitable for packing so that you don’t have to spend an additional amount on them.

Use Floor Runners

Floor runners are found in large rolls from any of your retailers or packing supply stores which can protect your stairs in a great way. These have self-adhesive coverings, which allow an anti-slip surface for the moving companies’ labor or your family and friends to easily carry your belongings.

Use Carpet Masking

It’s recommended to remove your carpets before the moving day to avoid any damages to them. However, if they’re attached to the floor, you can always use carpet masking, which is a thin film that can protect it against water, dirt and debris. It’s easy to install, doesn’t tear due to heavy impact and has anti-slip properties to prevent any accidents.

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Use Plywood Sheets

If floor protection is a top priority for you, you can use plywood sheets to completely protect it. These sheets can create another layer of flooring on top of your current one and are quite effective. It results in no damage to your original flooring, and you don’t have to worry about any scratches, dents or scrapes as it absorbs the shock and doesn’t transfer it underneath. Once everything is in its place, you can easily remove them without any scratches on your flooring.

Hire A Professional Moving Company

You can hire a professional moving company that has all the necessary equipment and tools to safely carry all your belongings to the moving truck. Many moving companies provide packing help and loading and unloading services to carefully carry all your heavy and bulky furniture. Their skilled labor knows how to transport everything to their respective rooms without causing any scratches or dents to your walls or flooring. They can also disassemble all your furniture and then assemble it again at your new location so you can experience a hassle-free move.

We provide licensed and insured moving services to cover any damages caused during the move. Contact us for a stress-free, safe and efficient move at affordable rates in Seattle. Our experienced labor provides comprehensive Seattle moving help with packing, loading and unloading services with storage facilities as well so you can don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. We also offer emergency moving services Seattle without any hidden charges!

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