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In a perfect situation you’d have plenty of time to prepare for the move you have to make. Moving is a time intensive process rife with individual tasks and tiny details that require at least three to four weeks to get right. But life comes at you fast in the real world, and so does your last minute move!

If you find yourself in a situation that requires moving within a week (or less!), we have just the tips for you to pack and move in a hurry without the added chaos of “how did I get myself into this?!

Stay calm, use your time efficiently and make a game plan using our guide:


A last minute move can psych you out to the point of making tasks seem impossible to accomplish. Instead of being overwhelmed by your moving to-dos, take a deep breath and start with the essentials.

Your first step should be to hash out the transportation details of your move. If you need professional help, hire a moving company, preferably one which is available 24/7, like ours. We offer moving and packing services for your last minute move at affordable rates. The sooner you have the logistics figured out, the sooner you’ll be able to get started with packing.


Having a checklist will help you organize your thoughts and your essentials, leading to a smooth packing process. You can track packing goals, plan when certain tasks need to be done and where things need to go. Seeing things getting checked off the list will give you a sense of achievement and ease the chaos.

Here are some tasks you need to plan for:

  • Collect all legal records in one place: Collect all important documents in a folder and store them in a clearly labeled box.
  • Dispose of the household chemicals: Cleaning products and other gardening chemicals can’t be set in a moving truck. Here’s a guide on how to safely dispose of toxic items.
  • Plan out your wardrobe: Before you start packing, set aside the clothes you’ll need for your final packing days at your old home.


Categorize all items in your home into PackDonate and Discard categories. The fewer things you have to pack, the easier the packing process will be. During this time crunch you need to think practically, rather than sentimentally. This is the perfect time to edit down your things because you have the incentive to travel light.

Since you’re moving at a short notice, you might not have the time to schedule a donation pickup. Your best option is to drive to the nearest donation collection center. Used towels and linens can be donated to a local animal shelter and unopened canned food will be a good addition to your food pantry.

loading and unloading


Moving is a big task so don’t be shy to ask for help. Turn to your friends for a helping hand or even better — get in touch with professional packing services.

Our licensed movers use simple, efficient and effective strategies for stress-free packing. We can even help disassemble furniture and take care of all the heavy-lifting during loading and unloading services seattle. So if you’re looking for a company in Seattle, WA that provides packing and moving services for long distances, we’re here to help!

Call us today at (253) 653-8635 to hire us for moving day!

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