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How to Pack Fragile Household Items

Person packing fragile items

It’s necessary to properly wrap your things while moving, whether it’s large furniture or small picture frames. To protect them, you must carefully wrap fragile things when moving. Here are some strategies you can consider while packing fragile items during your big move.

1. Use Appropriate Materials

Old comforters, blankets, or sleeping bags can be used to wrap your furniture, but you can also use them to hold valuables and smaller items, like dishes and glassware. You can also stuff old newspapers inside your fragile items boxes to offer another layer of protection around the delicate items.

2. Do Not Place Small Items Inside Large Boxes

Pack your television, fridge, computer monitors, and other large items in large boxes. But do not pack smaller items like electronics, kitchenware, kids’ toys, glass frames, etc., in big boxes as there are chances of them tumbling in the extra space and breaking. Try to pack such items in their original packing box as they will provide complete protection against breaking them.

3. Secure the Boxes with Extra Tape

The last thing you will want is a flimsy box to tear on your way to the new house and spill all the fragile items inside. A packing tape will give extra support to the flaps of boxes, holding them together so that they can bear the weight of their contents.

4. Label Fragile Items Box with a Prominent Marker

Clearly label the boxes containing fragile things when moving. This way, the moving labor, friends, and your family will know which box they must handle carefully, while boxes can bear a rugged treatment.

5. Be Thorough asnd Careful While Packing Fragile Items

It is essential that you take your time and carefully pack every individual delicate item. Ensure that any glassware or a delicate vase is not packed among books or clothes. Slow down your packing routine and carefully sort all fragile household items into separate boxes. Then fill the empty spaces around such items with extra paper, secure them with tape, and label the package.

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