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When it comes to moving from one house to another many things need to be kept in mind. It is important to decide what to pack first, what to leave behind, or where to find the best movers. There is no doubt moving is a tedious process. Moving from one house to another requires a lot of packing material and fuel and it makes a huge impact on the overall environment.


If you want to make your moving easier and also want to feel creative about it, try using a more eco-friendly approach. A lot of people and companies ignore the importance of green moving. They choose to move using the traditional methods, leaving behind severe carbon footprints.

Green moving is transforming the whole moving process in a positive way, which makes a constructive impact on the environment. Contribute to the environment and be more socially responsible through green moving, here are a few approaches that you can implement to make your move more eco-friendly.

Use containers available at home

Always try to use containers already available to save costs. Things you can use to pack would include bags, cloth bags, duffle bags, drawers, furniture with storage space, reusable grocery bags, and many more.

Be creative. For instance, you can put a clean bag in your bins and fill them up with small items to make extra space. You can apply this method to any household item with storage space in it.

Sell and giveaways

When you decide on the items you no longer want to keep, make sure you don’t just throw them away. You can make a lot of use from them and you never know how useful those items might be for someone else. You can ask the people around you if there is something they would want from those items.

The next step you can do is to put those items on sale and make some extra greens and maybe cover part of your moving expenses. One of the most common methods is garage sales, but if that doesn’t work for you, you can improvise and put them for sale online. In the end, if you are still left with some items, you can always donate. Donate to your nearest church, school, library, or any place that would make you smile. This is one of the best times to give back to society. It will also leave a positive impact on your neighborhood.

Avoid double trips

Make sure to load all your belongings at once and avoid back and forth trips. If you forget to pack something and have to go back to get it you are leaving behind a larger carbon footprint.

Try to pack and move everything on a moving day together rather than moving little by little. Avoid going back and forth from your old home to the new one and be a part of green moving. By practicing this method you will be saving a lot of fuel and also avoiding many carbon emissions.

Environmentally friendly packing

Plastic plays one of the most important roles in damaging our environment. Eliminate plastic from your daily lives. There are many alternatives to plastic when it comes to packing and moving. Try to use what you already have and is readily available. Use items that don’t go straight to the landfill sites after you are done moving.

Use old clothes, towels, blankets, bed-sheets, things that you can further utilize and recycle. Make your move more sustainable and green by avoiding items that harm the environment. If you feel the need for additional boxes and bins for packing, always opt for options that are reusable and recyclable in the future. Order boxes that you can use as storage after the move.

Use eco-friendly ways to get rid of hazardous items

When you’re shifting to a new place, the most dangerous thing for the environment is the disposal of hazardous substances. Moving companies avoid transporting hazardous items and the safest option available is to do it yourself in an eco-friendly way.

Chemicals, particularly cleaning liquids can be dangerous for the environment if they are not disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Substances that are flammable or explosive in nature, including acids, petrol, pesticides, paint, and paint thinners negatively impact the environment.

Ensure that your shifting process is as environmentally friendly as possible by responsibly disposing of harmful substances and materials. You may even consider distributing items – that moving companies refuse to transport – to your friends, families, and neighbors.

Use cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes have the least impact on the environment. They are also completely recyclable and biodegradable, which makes them one of the most recycled materials. They are one of the best options for moving delicate items, such as glass and kitchen items.

These cardboard boxes are highly recyclable and they tend to end up in a recycling center as soon as their purpose is served. It would be an amazing eco-friendly approach to use these boxes for another purpose before they end up in a recycling center.  Make sure they are in good condition, these boxes can last you a few trips.

They are considered highly reliable when it comes to packing and moving. Cardboard boxes don’t lose their durability and reliability even after being recycled, that is why always keep cardboard boxes as your number one option.

Man and woman can be seen loading cardboard boxes in a van.


Hire an eco-friendly moving company

To ensure that your next shift to a new place is environmentally friendly, hire a moving company that cares about the environment.

The easiest way to find an eco-friendly company is to simply ask them what they do to help preserve the environment. Companies that care about the environment will tell you in great detail about their green moving practices to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the measures they take to minimize the risk of harming the environment.

Eco-friendly moving companies may invest in modern vehicles that use biodiesel and emit less harmful gases into the atmosphere. These companies may offer environmentally-friendly packaging, with the use of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

They may offer eco-friendly packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. In addition, they may merge some shipments to reduce the number of trips taken each time they need to transport items.

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