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Most people are open to change, and many aren’t. Moving into a new place can be exciting for many and daunting for some. Moving into a new home doesn’t mean your life’s responsibilities have come to a halt. However, to make the whole moving process more comfortable and entertaining, you can involve your kids. Making your tweens a part of the move will keep them distracted from thinking they’re leaving their school, friends, and favorite park behind. It is inevitable for kids not to get upset when they are moving to a new place. If your kid knows how to write and read, you’re all set for the move. Here’s how you can include your tweens in the moving process.


Searching for a new home

The primary phase of moving is finding a new place to live in. Allow your children to contribute to where you go next by taking them along when you’re taking a tour of new houses. You’ll take in significant knowledge from them about what they consider to be the ideal home, and you’ll get additional help in noticing the drawbacks of the place. It’s the most excellent way children can help move and positively turn on the impending change. When you at last move into your new home, your children will feel important and satisfied knowing that they played an important part in this big decision.

Getting rid of unwanted items

The fundamental guideline of moving is to make it as easy as possible with as little as possible. Moving is probably the best chance you have for getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter and items you have been gathering for years. This is the optimal opportunity to only hold on to relevant, useful, and necessary things. What’s more, if you’re a parent, while shortlisting your belongings, you can also take your children’s stuff out. Involving them in this task will help them learn the importance of letting go and giving back to the needy. Toys and games they have grown out of are perfect for giving to younger kids who will need them. Clarify that many children aren’t as lucky and don’t have as many toys and books as your children do. An effective way to do this is to let them decide what they want to keep and want to give away. You can then take our kids to donate the item no longer needed. However, make sure you go through all the things before giving them away if there are essential items or documents in those things.

A young boy is sorting out his toys.


Designing the new room

Draw a blueprint of what your kids’ new room will resemble and involve them designing it and how they would like the furniture to be placed. You may not get the exact idea of what they are trying to achieve, but you will get a rough and sufficient idea of how they’d like their rooms to be decorated. It could include the paint color they want for their walls or where they want their bed to be placed.

A couple is seen decorating the room with their young boy.


Labeling packed boxes

On the off chance that your kid can read and write, give them the immeasurably significant task of labeling all the boxes that have been packed. This is one of the best ways to involve your kids in the moving process. Not only will this keep them occupied it will also help you unpack the boxes after the move. They can mark the boxes or draw the items present in the box to remind them what’s inside them.

Clearing out the pantry

Experiencing and putting together the pantry is a major errand when you have a flooding plan for the day. So pass it off, and assign your children this task instead. Knowing that your children can read, they can easily pick out the items that have crossed their expiry date. They can quickly pile them in a separate box from things that are useful to you. This will help you save a lot of time and make the whole task more efficient. You can later take your tween with you to donate these food items, which will again help them learn the importance of giving back to society. Items that have been stored in your pantry and haven’t been used in a while could include cereal, beans, noodles, soup, crackers, and similar non-perishable items. On the other hand, the items you plan on taking with you can be sorted by your children in a different box with a label on them.

Cleaning chores

Indeed, even little children can help out with regards to cleaning down surfaces and clearing out rooms. One of the most effective ways to include your kids in moving is by assigning them cleaning chores. It is only ethical to leave the space neat and clean for the new owners. However, make sure you give tasks according to their age; you wouldn’t want to overwork your tween and demotivate them. Well, if your kid is mature enough, they can handle tasks such as vacuuming and wiping more delicate items.

A tween boy is seen sweeping the floor.


Packing personal bag

Every individual from the family should pack their bags with their essential belongings, which they will require for immediate use after and before moving. These items can include their nightwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, favorite toys, favorite book, blanket, or even their favorite pillow for your kids. These are necessities that your child can carry during the move, and if they have packed these essentials themselves, it will save you a lot of time. However, your child may include unnecessary items in the bag, so it is wise to go through the bag once packed to take out things such as shiny shoes, fancy dresses, etc.

Help with unpacking

Whenever you’ve moved into your new home, get your children engaged with the unpacking. Assign them the task of unpacking their belongings and placing them in the right place, such as books on the study table, clothes in the cupboards, and bathroom utensils in the bathroom. Remember that you may need to fix the items’ arrangement if your child has placed them out of order. Another way to include them is to make them bring bags that need to be unpacked or items that need to be placed. This will save you a lot of time and effort, and the unpacking task will be done sooner than expected.

Moving is a significant change, and it very well may be unpleasant for kids. Keeping them included, you occupy them from what could be a startling endeavor and help them feel like they have somewhat more authority over the circumstances. Furthermore, with such a tremendous amount to complete, there are many ways children can help move.

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