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How to Help Your Parents Move to a New Place

Helping elderly parents move

Moving can be incredibly stressful for your elderly parents. To make the experience easier for them and reduce stress, follow the tips in our guide.

Top Tips for Relocating Elderly Parents

Here are some ways you can make a move easier for your parents and yourself:

1. Sort Everything

Your parents have decades of mementos they will not want to part with. Be gentle and have an open discussion with them about what they can leave. They may be more open to donating or selling items rather than discarding them. Organize a yard sale so they can get a bit of extra cash and lighten their load simultaneously. Some items can also go in a climate-controlled storage unit.

2. Ask Family Members to Help

Talking to parents about downsizing or organizing a yard sale and moving can be challenging. Ask family members to help you with sorting and packing. Please do this in advance so they have enough time to determine which days work for them. Try to involve as many family members as possible and ask your friends.

3. Plan Moving Day

Plan every detail of the moving day, from packing to moving your parents to the car to unloading. This will reduce disruptions significantly and will make emergencies easier to handle. Each family’s circumstances are unique, so discuss the steps with your loved ones or friends who have experience moving elderly parents.

4. Contact Professional Movers

If you have to relocate elderly parents quickly and don’t have anyone to help you, contact professional movers such as ACME Moving Labor. They have skilled and experienced personnel who can pack and box everything for you and even bring appropriate packing material.

Book your Move Today!

Helping elderly parents move can come with challenges you may not have the resources or time to overcome. ACME Moving Labor movers have years of experience helping families move, pack, and store their belongings for a stress-free experience. We are licensed, insured, bonded, and we come with packing boxes. Book your move with us today!

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