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Here’s How to Move Valuables Easily

moving valuables safely

Getting caught up in the bustle and excitement of moving is easy, but your valuable items must be on top of your mind for their safe packaging and travel.

It is often better to hire Commercial Movers Seattle, which will help you pack efficiently and reduce any chances of breaking, under-packing, or unsafe transport of valuables. If you live in Seattle and need moving help, ACME Moving Labor is an excellent moving company that can help you with a smooth move.

Here is how you can ensure that you are moving valuables safely.

  • Make a list:You can create a list or take photos of your antique jewelry, artworks, or other collectibles to check whether any valuable item was lost or damaged during the transport process.
  • Notify your friends, family, and the moving company beforehand:The valuable items require extra care and attention, so you must inform everyone around you what they are dealing with.
  • Pack and label properly:Using the original packaging while moving valuables is better. But you can also use another sturdy box and fill it with safe packing paper that will protect your valuables from shock and abrasion.
  • Use smooth paper for packing:You can wrap your mirrors and art in glassine rather than plastic, as it will protect the fine art from blemishing.
  • Take care of corners:Take additional care of corners of frames or mirrors. Surround them with corner protectors as they are vulnerable to breakage and scratches.
  • Do not move heavy antique furniture by yourself:Ask for help from friends or a moving company. Doing so all by yourself will risk damage to the antiques.
  • Disassemble large furniture:You can also wrap the disassembled pieces in bubble wrap individually for maximum protection.

Fortunately, many professional movers can help you handle and ship your antiques and valuables. However, if you are handling your valuables yourself, keep these pointers in mind for a stress-free and relaxing move.

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