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Have A Big Move Coming Up? Here’s What You Need to Know about Packing

So, you’ve found a house, you’ve closed the deal, and you’ve made preparations for the big move. You might think that the hard part is over—finding an ideal residence and closing the deal on it—but you couldn’t be more wrong. If you thought finding a house took time, you’re in for a surprise: packing can take longer if you don’t do it right.

Where to Start

Moving is stressful, and for many reasons: you’re leaving a place where you’ve lived for so long, you needto move everything to the new location, you must ensure that it’s all done smoothly and safely, and so on.

And then, when it comes to packing, everything seems so much more daunting. You’re faced with the prospect of so many things—from computers to furniture to clothes to books—that need packing. It might seem like it’s more than you can take, but all you need is a little reassurance and a little organization.

Packing isn’t going to be a breeze, but with the right guidelines on your side, you can make it much easier than it would otherwise have been.

Get Supplies

Before you even make a checklist for moving day, you need to get the supplies delivered. They might take some time in arriving, which is why you should do this far in advance. Make sure you’re getting good quality, sturdy boxes, dollies, rope, tape, sharpies, and so on.  Imagine putting a great deal of effort into packing and not getting the right boxes!

When it comes to moving boxes, the only difference between them and a regular shipping box is that moving boxes are thicker. If you have lighter items that need to be packed and that you can put into regular boxes without compromising them, you can get regular boxes from grocery stores or reuse your own.

packed cartons before moving


Yes, you need to do a little Marie Kondo here and ask yourself: what does not spark joy in me? Or, more accurately: what do I absolutely not need? There will always be stuff that you really don’t need, and all that clutter only adds to your problems if you want to pack everything.

Get rid of these things before beginning to pack. You can give them away, organize a garage sale, or donate them to charities.

Prepare an Essentials Box

Imagine it’s moving day. You have packed every possible thing, and now. . . you can’t find your toothbrush. Or your papers. Or your extra wad of cash.

It’s a comical prospect, but a scary one if it does happen. The tip to avoiding a situation like this one is to pack an essentials bag. Get all the things you’ll require at the eleventh hour in here: cash, papers, keys, some food, and of course, the toothbrush. Can’t change houses with bad breath now, can you?

Get Professionals to Help You

The ultimate packing and moving tip you need is that you’ll require assistance—and professional moving services Seattle at that. Companies like ACME Moving Labor in Seattle have a track record of helping people move within, to, and from Seattle. So contact us today or call us at 253-653-8635 for a stress-free moving day!

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