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Are you wondering how to protect your furniture from getting scratched and dented while moving? Furniture padding is always advised by moving contractors; these are thick blankets that cover the furniture to prevent any damages while moving it. It can also help prevent your belongings from getting dirty while being transported.


Furniture pads are your best bet to move all your belongings safely. Here’s why they are a moving essential.

What Are Furniture Pads?

Furniture pads are also called moving blankets. They’re thick covers that can protect all kinds of furniture and belongings. Professional moving companies that help you pack ensure that they safely cover all your items to prevent any damage during transportation or while loading and unloading. These blankets act as a cushion in case your belongings experience a heavy impact or if they collide with other items in the moving truck. They are secured on the furniture or other items using straps or tape to avoid any misplacement.

Where To Find Furniture Padding?

When you hire a professional packing services Seattle to pack your household items, they usually provide all the equipment you need for packing, including furniture padding. So, you won’t have to search for furniture padding to buy or rent before moving to your new house. If you are planning to move everything yourself, you’ll have to get them from your nearby superstore or from a truck rental company. You can also get them from portable storage companies that rent out their moving blankets.

Why Should You Use Furniture Padding While Moving?

Protects Your Flooring

Furniture padding provides a thick layer between your furniture and the flooring that protects it from scratches. If you’re dragging heavy dressers or bedroom sets on the floor to reach the moving truck, accidents can occur. During unloading, your furniture might drop or slide across the floor without any wrapping, and you could end up with scratches on your brand-new flooring in your new house. So, furniture pads provide an extra layer of protection for your furniture and flooring.

Keep Your Furniture Clean

During the move, your furniture might accumulate dirt or dust from the moving truck or while being transported outdoors. If the weather is rainy or snowy, your belongings could get wet and damaged. So, wrapping your furniture in furniture padding will help them stay clean during transportation and it’ll also prevent water from seeping into your belongings.

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Protects The Walls Of Your House

When you’re carrying furniture downstairs, even a small misstep could cause a sideswipe on your walls and form a scratch. This would lead to chipped paint and marks on your wall, which can be quite unappealing. The moving pads have a cushion-like texture; so, even if they hit a wall, the collision won’t cause any damage.

Saves The Furniture From Shifting During The Move

You can also use furniture pads to avoid any shifting of your belongings while they’re in the moving truck. The furniture is loaded onto the truck and when the truck is moving, many of your belongings are going to shift and bump into each other due to the movement of the truck. This can cause some serious damage to fragile items and can damage the corners of your furniture due to the bumping. Furniture pads are a savior for these items and protect your furniture and belongings from any unnecessary damage.

Makes It Easier To Move Heavy Furniture

Using the dolly while lifting your furniture is the most common way to move large items across your house. Although it’s way easier to slide bulky furniture across the floor, it can cause scratches and crack your flooring. So, for oversized or heavy items, you can slide a moving pad underneath them and it’ll be easier for you to move them from your house to the moving truck.

Prevent The Legs Of Your Furniture From Breaking

The legs of your couch, chair or table are quite fragile and can break or damage while you’re trying to transport it from your house to the moving truck. So, if you wrap and cover your furniture with furniture pads, they’re less prone to damage and breaking off. They give the legs extra support and protect the entire structure of the furniture.

Protects Fragile Items

You can also cover your boxes that are filled with your fragile items like vases, appliances or other delicate things with moving pads. This will keep them safe during moving from any heavy impact from your other furniture. It’s also a good idea to fill all the empty spaces in the box to avoid the items from rattling against each other.

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Requires Less Effort

When you slide down your furniture using furniture pads it’s easier and more comfortable than lifting the heavy items and then moving them. It requires less effort and prevents any backaches during your already stressful and labor-intensive moving chores.

Save Your Furniture Or Belongings From Being Mishandled

If you’re getting help from an amateur moving company, they might mishandle your belongings or if you’re trying to move everything by yourself, you might drop something because of lack of experience. The furniture padding keeps everything safe even when there is a mishap. So, if your moving company is moving your furniture aggressively and if your items bump into each other during transit or if your friends and family are unable to coordinate and hit your items while loading/unloading them, furniture pads will keep your belongings safe.

What Are The Alternatives To Protect Your Furniture?

You can also use other alternatives to protect your furniture, floor and walls.

  • You can purchase valuation coverage or moving insurance from professional moving companies so that they can cover any damages that occur during transportation.
  • You can hire professional moving contractors for packing help as they can professionally pack all your belongings safely and carefully load and unload them to your destination.
  • You can use felt pads underneath your furniture legs to easily slide them across your house.
  • You can get help from your family or friends to move your furniture, instead of ding it alone or asking a random stranger for help, especially for the heavy and bulky items.
  • Cover your items with cardboard, towels or your old blankets; however, they won’t be as sturdy as the furniture pads and you might experience slight damages.
  • Ensure that the pathway of moving your furniture is clear and nothing comes in the way while loading or unloading your items.
  • You can cover your furniture with shrink wrap after covering them with furniture padding to keep everything intact.

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It’s best to get help from professional moving companies for packing and all the heavy lifting as they have significant experience and have dealt with various situations that you might not be prepared for. They’ve received the right training and have the right equipment to load and unload all your items safely. They also carry furniture padding and other moving essentials to easily lift heavy items and load them onto a truck in a short time.

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