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Just when you thought things were getting easier, now you have to move out of your beloved old house into a new one. And it’s as though someone has thrown a monkey wrench into your perfect life schedule!

Nevertheless, you’re not one to bow down to a challenge. You’re going to handle this like you do everything else; with precision. So for your research, here’s some insight on the most common mistakes people make when moving, so you don’t follow the same path!

Mistake#1: Hiring the First Mover in Your Search Results

Hiring the right company involved more than just a Google search for, “best moving company near me.”

Movers in kent wa are aplenty, and there are many duds out there as well. Always check the company’s testimonials and ask previous clients for referrals. You’ll learn a lot about estimates and add-ons that you didn’t know existed. Check out our testimonials if you’re interested!

Mistake#2: Spending WAY Too Much on Packing

Too much time, too much energy, too much money—if you didn’t need a label maker before, you probably don’t need it now! Spending too much on packing will not only prolong the process, it’ll probably be expensive too.

When packing, purge out anything you don’t need and be quick and ruthless with your packing. Resist the urge to stop and reminisce about every single thing or the move itself.

plan out your move

Mistake#3: DIY-ing Your packing

Stuffing things in boxes is easy. But unpacking all that mess will take more effort than it’s worth! If you’re more of a quick DIY-er when it comes to packing, hiring a packing expert will be a much better choice, since they’ll organize and pack everything as it should be done.

Remember, glassware does not go under heavy china; it goes in a separate box, away from heavy things. Your packing expert (like ACME Moving Labor) would know that, even if you don’t!

Mistake#4: You Forgot to Pack Your Essentials

“Honey, where’s that pack of diapers I bought a couple of days ago?”
“Up there in that box marked ‘things!’”

You do not want something happening along these lines! When it comes to moving, you want all your essentials packed away in a to-go bag, away from your other belongings. This has to include a change of clothes for you and the family, sanitary and hygiene products, basic skincare products and any essentials you use every day.

packing and loading

Mistake#5: You Packed Everything

Be honest. Do you really need your school books and notes from 7th Grade? If truth be told, there really is nothing wrong with holding onto things for sentimental reasons. However, if you know that your home is metaphorically bursting at the seams, perhaps throwing away or donating things that you no longer use is what you need to do. Think of it as you getting on a fresh start!


Getting a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of your move?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. ACME Moving Labor in Seattle, WA is a popular moving and packing services seattle for individuals and families in need of an efficient moving service. Whether it’s long-distance or just moving and storage, whatever you need, we’re here to help!

Call us today at (253) 653-8635 to hire us for moving day!

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