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When push comes to shove, aren’t all movers the same?

In all honesty, if you’re thinking along these lines, you’re probably not aware of quality standards when it comes to moving services.

Factors such as customer service, efficiency, affordability, and reliability are just some of the main criteria that the best movers in the industry swear by. This is not true for subpar providers of moving services, though.

So no, all movers are not the same. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to find one that’s reliable. And we can help you with that.


As a leading moving companies seattle, we could easily just recommend ourselves and get it over with. However, even if you do go with us, we still want you to be aware of what you should expect from a reliable moving company.


While you’ll find that ours are well in line with our competitors’ rates, we want you to compare prices so you know which companies offer additional services.

For example, for very affordable rates, Acme Moving Labor offers packing and loading assistance. On the flip side, others might offer unloading help with additional fees tacked on for tips and crew care. This way, you’ll know where your money is going.


Licenses and insurance are necessary. There are many movers out there who offer services without any legal authority to do so. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a legal problem because your cheap movers couldn’t be bothered to follow the law!


As long as you pack your belongings yourself, your hired moving company will not be responsible for any damages that occur. However, if you hire a company to pack your things as well, always go with the most experienced packers. They’re more careful, know the right process and take special care when packing delicate items.


Before signing a contract, always read it so you know what you’re getting into. With ACME Moving Labor, we always explain the contract in detail. To us, it’s all about honesty when it comes to conducting business.

But if you go with another company (in the future), never do so without being fully aware of the deal. Unfortunately, some people do get caught up in shady deals. This way, you’ll be protecting yourself.

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For any Seattle WA moving labor help, contact ACME Moving Labor. Thanks to our more than 10 years of experience, we can confidentially say that we’re one of your best choices out here!

Call us today at (253) 653-8635 and book your move. With ACME Moving Labor, you can be sure that your belongings will be in the right hands!

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