Acme Moving Labor


Have you recently bought a new house in Federal Way? If you thought the buying process was tough, the moving process might just be a close second. From disassembling appliances and furniture to packing personal items in the right boxes and carrying bulky items down a few flights of stairs, moving day can be stressful.

One way to avoid all this stress is to get in touch with one of the leading moving labor services in Federal Way. At ACME Moving Labor, we offer a range of moving services that can be tweaked to meet the moving needs of all our clients. From packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking items, our regional movers in Federal Way will take care of everything to ensure that your moving day goes as smoothly as possible.

As a professional moving company, our regional movers undergo a rigorous training process to learn the best moving techniques that are required to keep your belongings safe. We take the responsibility of safeguarding your valuables with our storage container services. All your household items are packed in high-quality wrapping material to prevent any harm that may befall on them mid-transit. Our storage container service allows you to transport bulky items easily without having to worry about losing certain items. Other than that, our regional movers in Federal Way secure your products inside the containers and give you the key so you can access your belongings and account for all items easily.

We pride ourselves on providing all our clients a prompt and professional service because we know that your time is invaluable and you want to settle into your new home as quickly as possible. You can leave the loading and unloading of your belongings in the professional care of our moving help, as well. In addition to that, we proceed to re-assemble and arrange your furniture in your new home, so your move is nothing but hassle-free.

Avail our moving labor services in Federal Way today by getting in touch with us at 253-653-8635 and allow our movers in Federal Way to help you kickstart a new chapter in your life the right way!

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