ACME Moving Labor is certified by the International Office Moving Institute, “IOMI”



From forgetting to disassemble items and packing hazardous material in a container with valuable goods to leaving appliances to the last minute, the moving day brings with it its own set of complications and stress—making it more likely for you to make all these mistakes easily.

Not only will these mistakes render all your efforts pointless, but they will also damage your belongings. If you want to avoid going through the trouble of wasting the entire day packing and then pulling a few muscles during loading and unloading bulky goods, get in touch with one of the leading residential moving services in Everett right away!


ACME Moving Labor offers state-of-the-art moving services that allow customers to sit back and relax as our professional movers expertly handle all your belongings. Our staff’s dedication over the course of a decade has created a meaningful and trustworthy relationship with countless customers who have benefited from the wide range of moving services our local movers in Everett offer. We have cultivated a reputation based on our stellar performance and efficient services that’s unmatched by any other moving company in Washington.

Unlike other moving companies, our moving help takes the time to make sure each item is packed properly before loading. For upholstered furniture, we make use of durable packing product that ensures no scratches or harm fall upon your belongings. Other than that, the safety of your goods is our top priority and that’s why your valuables are loaded onto well-serviced trucks that ensure you reach your desired location quickly and efficiently. We make use of suspension systems with airtight protection to ensure no harm comes to your items during transit either. In addition to that, our moving help takes inventory during the unloading process to assure you that all your belongings are accounted for.

Our movers in Everett place all your boxes and furniture in each room and proceed to re-assemble them upon your instructions. Our labor moving services strive to make your moving experience as convenient and comfortable for you as possible, so get in touch with our local movers in Everett by calling at 253-653-8635 for a prompt response to all your queries and questions.

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