Acme Moving Labor


Driving miles start the time driver(s) begins driving and finish at the written arrival of agreed driven destination: The mileage rate for 50 – 1,000 miles is charged at $5.00 per mile. The mileage rate for 1,000 miles and upward is 4.50 per mile. Any overnight stays will be charged to customer at $150.00 per night for one driver, and $250.00 per night for two drivers. Any tolls or other traveling fees will be charged to customer. Meals are allotted and charged to customer up to $25.00 per meal with 3 meals per day for one driver. Two drivers are allotted up to $40.00 per meal and up to six meals charged to customer. The customer pays for the driver(s) plane flight back to the original start destination to include any cost from returned truck rental facility to the Airport.

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