Acme Moving Labor

We started ACME Moving Labor to offer Seattle moving labor for those clients who needed a stress-free, safe and efficient move but didn’t want to pay for a full-service moving company. In the moving industry there are quite a few moving myths, just like in any other industry. Today we will debunk the top ten myths about moving and clear things up a little bit.

Myth #1: All movers are the same – packs of crooks. This is totally wrong. Do your homework and research the moving companies you are considering. Compare their services, rates, reputation and you will see that there are many reputable movers out there. One spoiled apple doesn’t mean the whole three is bad.

Myth 2: Moves can’t be planned in advance, so moving will be a disaster. This isn’t true, either! People who can’t plan their time and went through one bad moving experience created that myth. Moving can be planned and, when you do so, it will never be a disaster.

Myth #3: Boxes are all the same, you can use whatever you find. Mistake! Boxes are not all the same. Professional moving boxes are more durable and made of cardboard that is more durable. They can handle heavy items and protect your electronics and fragile items. Regular grocery store boxes will tear apart if you overload them, moving boxes will carry the weight.

Myth #4: You don’t need to label boxes. Don’t label and you will be plucking your hair at the new place! The little extra time you will spend labeling all your boxes on the moving day will save you hours (even days) when arranging the new place.

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