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Common Reasons People Avoid Hiring Moving Companies

Are you wondering if you should hire a moving company to help you move, or if you should do it all by yourself? The decision of choosing the right moving service can help you with hassle-free packing, loading and unloading.

Here are a few reasons why people avoid hiring moving companies.

An in-home visit calculation done by a moving service.

Offering Higher Quotes

Around 6 million people in the USA relocate for various reasons. There are many companies that cater to them. It’s recommended that you take quotes from at least three to four local moving companies and then reach a decision. This will help you compare the quality, services provided, and any additional charges quoted by them.

Usually, moving companies give you a quote by calculating your current house’s area or the number of items that you have. This gives an unclear idea as they might have missed out on something, or the weight of certain items might be more than anticipated. They tend to increase the prices after giving a rough estimate.

Lack of Transparency

You already have to make many decisions when you sell your house and move to a new place. When moving companies don’t inform their clients about the scope of their services, it gets frustrating. If you want storage facilities or need an early packing, you need to ask them about it.

Researching the company through their website will give you most of the information that you need. However, if you’re still unsure about something, you can call them and ask your queries.

One more way of finding out if their service is credible is by reading the customer reviews on their social media. This will help you make sure that the quality of the services that they claim to provide is genuine.

Signing a contract for a moving service in Seattle.

Hidden Charges

If you’re still unsure of the charges they’re offering, read the contract given to you in detail. Before signing it, you’ll be able to discuss the terms of the agreement and check if it gives them leeway to charge for any unforeseen condition.

If you’re wary of the common mistakes people make while hiring a professional moving company, you can save money and hire a reliable service to make all the extra effort for you instead. You can contact our reliable team at 253-653-8635 for an affordable moving experience in Seattle. We offer loading and unloading services for all your belongings.

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