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With colleges opening up again this fall, many students will be going back after the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly brought everything to a grinding halt. Many freshmen will be starting college soon, making the move hectic and stressful.

Packing for college is different from packing for a new home in many ways. You need to take enough belongings to be comfortable and independent, yet you need to leave enough things behind so that you can pick up where you left off whenever you visit home.

Our experts have made a list of packing tips to help college students:

Make a list of essentials

Dorms are known to be quite a tight living space. You won’t be able to take everything you want with you since it’s just going to clutter up the space you do have. Note down the essentials you require. There are a few main categories you need to pack for:

Personal hygiene: Buy a plastic caddy for your toiletries. It’s easier to keep them separate from your roommates. This caddy also makes it easier to have everything in one place when you use the community shower. Make sure you invest in a durable one.

Bedding: Sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and pillows need to be packed when moving to college. Make sure you get sheets that are the right size for the beds in the dorms. Don’t take too many pillows, cushions, or throw pillows with you since you will be short on space.

Storage: The storage provided in dorms is rarely enough for a student. Buy desk organizers, storage bins you can keep under the bed, and laundry baskets to make it easier to wash your clothes.

College student with a backpack.

Coordinate with your roommate

College dorms don’t have enough room to have two of everything. Try to coordinate with your roommate and decide on things you will bring to the dorm to prevent having too many things belongings cluttering the space. You guys could go halves on a TV or mini-fridge instead of hauling one with you when you move.

Don’t pack too many clothes

College students tend to go home every few months, so it’s pointless packing clothes for an entire year. Only take as many pieces you require for the season. Once that season is over, pack more clothes when you go home. Try to keep your wardrobe minimal with clothing items that are versatile.

Cleaning supplies

Due to COVID-19, it’s essential to have your own cleaning and sanitation supplies. Stock up on disinfectants, masks, and hand sanitizers. Don’t forget to have your mask and sanitizer on you wherever you go.

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