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Are you planning to take your board games with you to your new home? We’d recommend the same! After all, who’d want to leave their childhood behind? Research shows that the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime.


Packing is an art that doesn’t always come naturally to people. Sorting out your entire home isn’t easy, especially considering the number of things you must take with you. Here’s how you can pack away your prized board game collection before relocating.

Get an Extra Pair of Hands

If your children are around while you’re packing your things, get them to help you pack your board games. Make two piles of games that you’re transporting to your new home and games that you’re disposing of because you likely won’t play them again. If your toddlers are too young to assist, you can ask your friends to lend a hand and organize your packing with you.

Keep Your Goals Clear

You may not want to take Scrabble with you if you’ve lost interest and you don’t see yourself playing it in the future. But while you’re packing, you may recall a fond memory and feel the need to take a discarded game with you. This is when you remind yourself why you dismissed it in the first place.

There may be many board games that don’t suit you or some that may have been damaged so severely that you can’t use them again. If you’re moving to a smaller house or don’t see yourself playing with a game that’s lost too many pieces, leave them behind.

A monopoly board game with dice and game pieces

Donate the Ones You’re Leaving Behind

After sorting through your games, you may have realized there are many board games you’re leaving behind. Gifting them to your friends who enjoy playing games is a great way to take care of things you don’t need responsibly.

You can also donate them to non-profit organizations or charity institutions that agree to take board games. Just make sure they’re in good condition with no missing pieces or damage to the contents.

Giving board games you once played to kindergartens, nursery homes, or daycare centers is also another way of giving to those in need, especially when they would just be collecting dust in your attic.

Fix Game Pieces Inside Their Boxes

All you need to pack your board games is large cardboard boxes, bubble or plastic wrap, soft packing paper, tape, and a marker to label the boxes for identification purposes. Ensure all the game pieces are safely stored inside their game boxes to prevent damage and loss of any pieces during transit.

Place packing paper sheets on top of the lids to secure them and close the lids tightly. You can also wrap board games and their components like chess pieces, with soft wrapping paper and tape to stop it from unfolding. Fill any space inside the cartons that hold your board games with bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent the games from moving inside during the journey.

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