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Checklist for Moving an Elderly Loved One

Relocation is not as easy for the elderly as it is for a young adult. Most elderly people spend a significant chunk of their life in the same place and moving to a new one can be challenging.


Most senior citizens are hesitant when it comes to change, but those who embrace it experience immense improvement in their health and overall mood. It is true most elderly loved ones are extremely comfortable where they live, but on the off chance, it is also possible they have been looking for a change.  Let’s look at some of the challenges elderly people face while moving and what can be done to mitigate them.


Leaving their home after a long time

Most seniors spend most of their lives in the same home and leaving is more an emotional challenge than a physical one. Leaving behind all the memories you had is quite a rollercoaster ride. The neighborhood, the neighbors, and the comfort they are used to are not easy to leave behind. Starting all over again is a nightmare for most senior citizens, however, if they get lucky with supporting and kind neighbors, it becomes a lot simpler.

An older woman is watching the vegetables.


Moving into a smaller place

There comes a time when maintaining a large space is not feasible for the elderly anymore, especially if they are alone. It’s only wise to move into a smaller and more manageable space. However, your elderly loved ones might find it challenging to get rid of the excessive items they own. Some have sentimental value, and others may have a high monetary value. It may not be easy to decide, but once decided, they’ll find themselves more relaxed and less burdened.

Health issues

Moving is a tedious task, so it’s important to have sufficient energy to do so. Seniors may lack the energy, physical strength, and mental alertness to perform this task independently. Even if there is no severe mental health condition, they may find it challenging to go back and forth during the moving process, and it may be frustrating and exhausting alongside. To make their move comfortable, you can provide sufficient health assistance.

Lack of family

Having family around is a blessing. Not only does it make the moving process easier but adjusting to a new place more comfortable as well. If there is no family, no kids, and no friends to support an elderly person with their move, it can be extremely daunting. Either their kids are married and busy with their kids or live in another town or some other part of the world. It is essential to check their availability before deciding to move.


Downsizing valuables

Most elderly people spend their lives collecting valued possessions. However, they may not realize that they can’t move every item into their new living space. Helping them start small is the first step.

Take out items that are less valuable and don’t hold a lot of meaning. This will help them understand the purpose of the activity. Help sort the items that are unimportant and can be given away. Make a list of items that are essential and will easily fit into the new space. Another way to get rid of items is by setting up a garage sale or gifting them to family and friends. This will make the whole process less painful for the elderly, knowing that the belongings are going to someone needy.

Hire an expert

If the family is not in town or another country, hire an expert senior relocation service. Moving is a job the elderly cannot manage on their own. It requires immense energy, both physical and mental.

Having outside help can make tough decisions more manageable. If you hire professionals who have expertise in moving seniors, you can trust them with their well-being as well, since they are trained to do things safely. An expert can offer all sorts of services such as pre-moving and post-moving services, making the whole moving experience extremely comfortable.

Keep health factors in mind while moving

If an elderly person has severe health issues, it is vital to arrange transportation according to their health needs. Hiring medical transport is a great way to ensure the journey is smooth and comfortable for seniors. Medical transport services have all the necessary medical equipment on stand-by, which relieves you of the worry of health issues causing problems on the way. They may need to stop a few times to stretch their legs or to use the toilet, this will make the journey more time-consuming, but their health should always be a top priority. If you want to opt for a more comfortable option for your elderly loved ones, book an airline ticket. This will make the whole journey short.


If your elderly loved one requires constant medical attention, hire a nurse for the new place. Doing complete thorough research while keeping their medical condition in mind and finding them suitable healthcare is vital.

The best way to go about this is by getting referrals from a current healthcare provider. Ensure all medical prescriptions and health history records are kept on their person in case they’re needed in the future.

It is also essential to make sure the new location has good hospitals that cater to your elderly loved one’s health conditions. The hospitals should be advanced enough to tackle emergency situations effectively.  Another crucial factor to keep in mind is that their health insurance providers are on the new hospital’s panel.

A nurse is supporting an older woman while she walks.


Make the new place homey

Once you reach the new location, make sure to organize the house so your elderly loved ones feel like they haven’t moved at all. Try to decorate and set up the place in a similar manner as the previous one.

Arrange the meaningful possessions first, and make them feel familiar with the new space. Replicate the setting as much as possible; set up the furniture in the same manner, put family photos in the same order, arrange the cupboards the way they were in the last house, and use the same kitchen utensils as the previous home.

To make the space more appealing, try out new paint colors for the walls, preferably those they like. Furthermore, to give it a refreshing look, you can add in-door plants.

An older man relaxing in his favorite chair.


Enlighten them about the benefits of a new home

To help your loved ones get used to the new place, remind them about the benefits. Help them move by listing positive factors such as meeting new people, having a new routine, having a new neighborhood to explore, and most importantly, a better and stronger foundation.

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