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Avoid a ‘Ruff’ Day by Ensuring an Easy Move for Pets 

easy move for pets

Moving is stressful for people, and cats and dogs do not take it easy either. While we have other ways to express our frustration and anxiety, pets do not know how to express their fears and surprises and end up doing things that would hurt them. This means that it is our responsibility to ensure an easy move for pets so that you can reduce their stress and make the experience much calmer for them.

1. Prepare a Happy Kit for Your Pets

Pack enough cat or dog food, toys and litter, and other things in an accessible bag or container. This will help reduce stress when moving animals for you and your pet.

2. Protect Your Pet From the Frenzied Area

Keep your pet in the quietest place you can find. Empty a bedroom and close its door so your animal is secure inside, where it cannot hurt itself. You can also place them in their carrier and vehicle where they cannot escape and rest properly. But always make sure that you are attentive towards your pets at all times and keep them at a controlled and safe temperature.

3. Send Them to a Kennel or Friend

It is highly recommended to send your pets to someone they are comfortable around. While you move your things and deal with the endless moving boxes and hazards that come with moving, not having to worry about your pet will ensure a smooth and stress-free move.

4. Keep Your Pet With You at All Times

Do not send your pets away with the moving furniture vehicle. Place them in your vehicle so they can feel safe with you as they listen to you talk. Alternatively, you can throw a blanket on top of their carrier, so they are not further triggered by the moving vehicle.

5. Once Arrive at Your Destination, Keep Your Pet Secluded

Your pet will require lots of time to adjust to its new surroundings. It is better to leave them in a confined and safe area where they can calm themselves. Later on, you can approach them and introduce them to their new home.

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